Iqra Day


As I’m sure you all know, World Book Day was just a few days ago on the 5th of March. Our Madressa here also honoured this day, by having an Iqra Day!

The children were told to dress up as their favourite character from an Islamic book they had read – and their costumes were pretty amazing 🙂

What a great way to encouraging children to read the wonderful array of Islamic books that are out there!

Here are just a few of the characters and books…

Book Review: A School Girl's Hero


This is the story of a school girl who has to write an essay about her hero – any guesses for who she chooses?!

“For a couple of days the same question continued puzzling Anum; “Who do I aspire to be like?” Then, whilst she was busy helping her mum with chores it suddenly came to her. It now seemed so obvious, and she couldn’t believe it hadn’t come to her earlier. She told her family about her idea and they were all really impressed. but Anum then began having second thoughts…”

A wonderful read aloud with younger children, or for the older ones to devour on their own!

Book Review: Alif, Baa, Taa of Kerbala


This looks like a great resource for the coming months… check out details below:

‘With the month of Muharram just around the corner where believers young and old will gather in numbers to commemorate the tragic events of Kerbala, let us help keep the flame alive in the youngest members of our community by introducing them to the story of Kerbala through the unique publication of the Islamic Publishing House, “The Alif, Baa, Taa of Kerbala.”

To see full color samples of the pages go to this link:

Take in a visual presentation of this book by our YouTube promotional video for this book:

Book Review: I Can Series


This series is one of the first high quality Islamic children’s books that I came across when looking for good books for my children!
Board back, it is long lasting and durable. The illustrations are bold, bright and cheerful – and the wordings and concepts are simple and meaningful!
There are 6 books in the series, and each show young Muslim girls and boys practising different aspects of their faith in a wide range of places.

Here’s an excerpt from “I Can Eat Anything Anywhere”:

Bismillah! I can eat anything
halal and pure anywhere!
How blessed we are with the food
Allah has provided us everywhere!
I hope your children love them as much as mine did!

The series include:

I Can Make Dua’ Anywhere!
I Can Pray Anywhere!
I Can Read the Qur’an Anywhere!
I Can Say Bismillah Anywhere!
I Can Wear Hijab Anywhere!
I Can Eat Anything Anywhere!

Book review: Isa the Incredible climbs Mount Mushkil


As we are between series, I thought we should do a few more book reviews!

I just received this book and I LOVE it!! Here is the blurb:

“LIttle Isa the Ant loves the playground. But he’s too scared to climb the playground’s great big hill, Mount Mushkil! No matter how hard he tries, he can’t follow his brothers and sisters to the top. This makes him sad. When the mean ants from school laugh at him, he feels worse. Then a wise old any teaches Isa the secret of climbing Mount Mushkil. But can Isa believe hard enough to make it to the top? Will the secret really help Isa?”

This story is inspired by the bravery of Ali ibn Abu Talib, and is one that will actually resonate with both young and old. It was a great reminder to me to use the ‘secret’ in my own life when faced with any trouble, and I will definitely by trying to implement it as well as helping my children learn it too!

I won’t spoil the essence of the book by revealing the ‘secret’, but do check it out! The images are bold and clear, perfect for little ones. And Isa the Ant’s dilemma is one that will have been faced by many children, if not all at some point in their lives.

Check the Twelver Kids website out for an interactive playground and more:
Also available from Taqwa Media:

Bedtime Series - Idea 3: Time for stories!


As I’m sure you know, reading is SO SO important, and reading WITH our children is also vital, not only for developing a love for language and literacy and imagination, but also for the bonding between parent and child

Alhamdulillah, there are SO many good Islamic books out there (novels too for the older ones) that can be read at bedtime.

I have previously reviewed some books before, and will hopefully continue to do that between series over time – there are also apps with stories, as well as an e-book here and there, so you can get started pretty much straight away!

Here is the link for the previously reviewed books:

Another excellent book with lots of short stories (ideal for a quick bedtime story+lesson) is ‘Excellent Stories’ by QFatima – it is available to buy as a hard copy, but also downloadable for free as a PDF here:

Happy reading at bedtime 


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