7th Imam - Imam Musa Kazim (as): Ideas to mark his wafat/wiladat


Here are some ideas in which we can mark his important day with children:

  • Create a Mystery Box:

Possible ideas of items:

  1. Black cloth – we wear black to mourn during sad occasions
  2. The # 7 – explain that he’s the 7th Imam
  3. An Angry Face – Explain how Imam Kazim (as) was the opposite of anger, but was known to be the one who swallowed his anger and was patient/calm.
  4. A map with Iraq circled – explain how he’s buried in Iraq.
  5. Picture of the harem of Imam Kazim (as) – explain how we go to Kadhmayn to do his ziyarat where he’s buried.
  6. Handcuffs/box, bicycle chain or any chain or mini cage – explain how he was put in a prison for most of his life even though he was such a good Muslim and our Imam, but the ones who made bad choices caused him to suffer.
  7. A bridge (from legos etc) – Explain how the Imam (as) was left by the bridge.
  8. Toy bread – Explain how he was given very little food while in prison.
  9. Janemaz or Du’a book: Explain how despite all the difficulties he endured, he never gave up his faith in Allah and in fact thanked Him, and continued to worship Him even in the prison.
  1. Kisa Kids Spiritual Season pdf  – This includes crafts you can do with children.
  2. QFatima also has some great resources –

https://qfatima.com/m-14-learning-resources/imam-musa-al-kadhim-pbuh/ – Everything Imam Musa Kazim (as) related

https://qfatima.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/aimmatiy_adult_Web.pdf – page 47 information on Imam Musa Kazim (as)

https://qfatima.com/qtube/imam-musa-al-kadhim-pbuh/ – Audio

This is a packet on the Masoomen pages 62-68 are on the 7th Imam related to his life and also includes a worksheet.

  • Videos on the Imam:

  • Ahadith by the Imam to share with your chidlren

 * Thank you to Masooma Hydery Kalyan for compiling the original post!

Khushali Fundraiser Extravaganza Family Event


A weekend ago, an amazing event took place – combining fundraising, celebrating the beautiful personalities we celebrate in these months, as well as marking the powerful 3 months of Rajab, Shaban and Mahe Ramadhan. Am sharing with you here in case you want to do something similar in your communities around the world, be it this year or in future years! Details below:

This was the flier that went round… lots of exciting things planned!

As the children came in, they received this A5 piece of card – their ‘passport’ for the day! This lists all the activities that were around… take a look! All the activities had some Islamic link – either to these special months, or to an ayah of the Quran, etc.

This Passport was done by Aaliya Mavani! https://www.dropbox.com/s/0knvabehyppo5qk/Kh%20Passport?dl=0 (when prompted, open with adobe)

On the other side of the card was a Cluequest. The questions were based on the personalities whose wiladats we were celebrating.

The children had to first answer the initial question of which personality it was. They then had find the name of that personality which were stuck around the room in different places, and then look at the question that was stuck under the name. They then had to answer the question on the card above.

This Cluequest was done by Aneesa Merali! https://www.dropbox.com/s/80oiy1fk7qmxlar/clue%20quest%20shortened?dl=0 (when prompted, open with adobe)

And here is a link to the clues: https://www.dropbox.com/s/m1y7zz7irzof2hw/printable%20clue%20quest.pdf?dl=0

Parent and child, looking up the clues and figuring it out 🙂

And now to some of the stalls! This was the ever popular candy floss stall 🙂

Islamic link (as mentioned on the passport): “If you thank me, I will give you more.” (Sura Ibrahim, Verse 7)

This was the delicious food stall – with loads of donated goodies on offer!

Islamic link: “Eat of the good things which We have provided you.” Sura Taha, Verse 81)

This was the slime stall! It was by far the messiest – but the kids had a blast  They mixed their own slime, then kneaded it into perfection, adding glitter for that personal touch.

Islamic link: “Indeed we have created man out of clay, out of altered form of dark slime.” (Sura Hijr, Verse 26)

This was the Henna and Face paint stall!

Islamic link: O Allah as you have beautified my exterior, so beautify my character.” (Dua for looking in the mirror)

This was the bulb planting stall!

Here the children planted a seed and got to take their pot home, water it and look after it and watch it grow! They talked about how the months of Rajab, Shaban and Mahe Ramadhan were like the process of weeding, taking care of and watching the bloom of our soul.

Islamic link: “Verily Rajab is Allah’s month, Shaban is my month, and Shahr Ramadhan the month of my Ummah.” The Holy Prophet (saw)

And here is a flower that was planted that day, growing nicely in a little girl’s home 🙂

This was the toys and books stall! Lots of amazing books and gifts for just as amazing prices 

Islamic link: “Who is it that will loan Allah a goodly loan so that He may multiply it for Him many times over?” Sura Baqarah, Verse 245

The Event of the Kisa - Rhyme and Lyrics


People have asked for the lyrics for this beautiful song on the Event of the Kisa. Here is it – share with permission of the author.

Shall I tell you about the event of the Kisa
The event of the prophets (s) kisa
He went to the house of his daughter Fatima (a)
And he asked for the Yemeni kisa

She covered him with the Yemeni kisa
His face shone like the full moon
Soon after some others came to join him
Do you want to know who?

Then came Hasan (a) and greeted his mother
Salamun alayki ya ummah
I can smell the nice smell of my grandfather
So he joined him under the kisa

Then came Husayn (a) and greeted his mother
Salamun alayki ya ummah
I can smell the nice smell of my grandfather
So he joined him under the kisa

Then came Ali Amirul momineen (a)
Salamun alayki of Jannah you are queen
I can smell the nice smell of my cousin brother
So he also entered the Kisa

Then Fatima (a) went real close to the kisa
Salamun alaykum O father
Do you give me permission to now enter
Yes! She too went under the kisa

When all five gathered under the kisa
Jibraeel spoke up and said O Allah
Who are these luminous personalities
Lying under the kisa

He said they were the family of Fatima (a)
Her husband, sons and her father
They are the ones who are perfectly purified
They are the Ahlul Kisa
The Ahlul bayt at-Tahirah

School Presentation on the Prophet (saw) and Bibi Fatema (as)


Here are some presentation plans sent in to mark these amazing personalities in schools:

Here is the one on Bibi Fatema:


And here is the one on the birthday of the Prophet:



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