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Blog 5: Grow Mama Grow –

This is one of the first Muslim parenting blogs I cam across – it is not written by any one person but is contributed to by a number of people. In their own words: “Our blog is updated twice a week with fresh, original reflections on everything from spirituality to peanut butter by everyday mothers like you.”

In fact it’s not only mums who contribute – the latest post is by a father who writes about re-assessing his role as a father – a wonderful piece full of reflection but written in a lighthearted way.

There are many gems in this blog – Please Don’t Look Away if by a mum of a daughter who has spastic quadriplegia cerebral palsy who talks about wanting people NOT to look away out of politeness, but to look and look carefully, and notice the little things like her grin :).

Grow Mama Grow is on FB also:

Happy reading 🙂

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