Baligha Parties - Party Favours

Ideas for PARTY FAVOURS in Buloogh Parties:

* The crafts they have made!
* Prayer bag (including prayer mat, mohr, tasbih, dua book, etc)
* Chaadar
* A scarf/maqna
* Hijaab pins/bands
* Buloogh journal

Some mums also suggested: “Pop up cup for going to the washroom when out on trips or at school”, “Itar (perfume)” and ” Socks, small book of taaqeebate namaz”. Another suggestion that came in was personalised tasbeehs – they are beautiful, unique and practical. Check them out here:

Check out what one mum did! Each of the items in the party bag meant something special to the girl’s becoming baligha 🙂

2016-05-26 11.20.50

Another mum had a beauty theme to the party and so gave out the following:

The contents were:
Nail polish
Stick on earrings
Nail file
Gold foil chocolate heart

She even gave the adults something too! A candle with the following message:

I love love love this gift that was given out to girls at a baligha party which was held just before Ramadan! It’s basically the perfect kit for the children to bring in to mosque every night – the bag is labelled so nothing gets lost, and is big enough to hold their own food plates/containers also – which means less styrofoam and plastic being used overall – win, win!

Any more ideas?

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