Ashra Idea 2 - Children's Majlis (Older age group)

Idea No 2: Children’s majlis (OLDER AGE GROUP – sent in by a mum)

From the age of about 3 my son really enjoyed listening to matams, going for family majlis’ and having a little azadari area at home where he would put all the Islamic decors and alams we had.

When he was about 5 we decided to have a boys majlis and invited a few friends and also a couple of people from Voices of Passion to recite Marthia and Matam for them, then ended the majlis by serving their favourite finger food and giving them an Islamic souvenir to take home.

It was amazing to see how the young kids participated in the azadari imam Hussein (a.s), specially at the time of doing Marthias and Matam.

Since then we have been having boys majlis at home every year and alhamdulillah invite more and more kids.

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