Ramadan Idea 27: Understanding the Ramadan Short Duas


There has been an amazing influx of different ways to help our children know what they are reciting in the short duas, as opposed to reciting it simply by rote. Here is a collection of them!

  • These animated versions of the dua eith simplified words and matching pictures are great to print out, laminate and stick up: Ya Aliyyu Ya Azeem and Allahumma Adkhil
  • We’ve also made it into a game! Here is the link for that.
  • And here is a lovely rhyme for Ya Aliyyu Ya Azeem:

  • Why not get your children to act out the lines in Allahumma Adkhil? Here is a lovely example of one family who did that:

  • And here is another video done by children to explain the dua through art!

  • And here’s another video on Allahumma Adkhil:

  • Here is a video on how to teach Allahumma Adkhil through pictures:

  • Here is an activity on Dua no 3 by Towards Jannah



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