Thoughtful Gift Ideas 48: Angel Lights


In relation to this post about holding little majlises for our kids on Thursday nights ( she says:

“We use indoor fairy lights at home which we hang near a window and switch on as it’s getting dark… We tell the kids that we do this so that the angels who are flying around can find our home and when they look through that window they can see us doing our majlis or remembering marhumeen, etc. They then they report it back to Allah and Imam Mehdi and they both get happy when they see that report!”

Thoughtful Gift Ideas 47: Asma-ul Husna Cube


Thoughtful Gift ideas continued! Check out this one made by @alkhaliqdesigns !

I LOVE gifts and products that incorporate Islam into it and help us and our children learn and benefit from the wisdom we have in our faith – and this ticks all the boxes, AND looks beautiful too 🙂

Check out all the other products by Al Khaliq Designs!

Sura Rum Interactive Workshop


On the 12th of July, we were honoured to have Sr. Zohra Tejani come in and run an interactive workshop on Sura Rum!

The ‘game board’ was built as we worked our way through the verses of Sura in a very visual, fun way! And then at the end the group was divided and each group made their way across their board, trying to reach the top without getting caught by snake!

All in all an educational and fun evening – a perfect way to get acquainted with the Sura!

Thoughtful Gift Ideas 46: Giftboxes to Refugees


This is by far one of my most favourite Thoughful Gifts!

Near the end of Ramadan, we invited the girls in our night classes to bring in a shoe box and we spent on evening decorating it and making Eid cards with a personal note inside. The girls then took them home and filled it with gifts – some suggestions were: Stationery/Stickers, Snacks/Sweets, Small notebooks, Small/soft toys.

They then brought it back to mosque and it was collected by Sufra NW London who then distributed them to Refugee children in the UK!

Here is a picture of them when they were brought back, alongside boxes of food bank items also, by those who followed Sufra’s Ramadan Giving Calendar where each day of the month, they put in an item.

Here’s hoping these awesome gifts put a smile on their faces at a time when things aren’t easy!

Thoughtful Gift Ideas 44: Oud-ooni


Here is what Towards Jannah said about this gift!

“OUD’ooni Moments 

This year like all years, my kids’ teachers at the mosque have been more than awesome! I’m forever indebted to them for the incredible difference they make!
The kids were taught Prophetic Duas, so we thought we’d give them this with a message saying:

“Thank you so much for teaching me awesome Prophetic Duas and helping me to increase and enrich my OUD’ooni (2:186) Moments”

The The World Federation of KSIMC Ramadhan Relief Raffle is just the perfect finishing touch needed to transform any gift to an eternal one InshA with a little perky chance of winning something too 


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