Thoughtful Gifts Ideas 43: Fruits in a Bowl


Fruits in a bowl is our next Thoughtful Gift! Healthy and pretty, with a dua linked in – hopefully this gift was enjoyed a lot!

The dua reads: “And (mention) when Abraham said: My Lord, make this a secure city and provide its people with fruits – whoever of them believes in Allah and the last day.” May Allah bestow His fruits on you this Eid!

Thoughtful Gift Ideas 41: Eid Rocks!


I absolutely LOVE this Thoughtful Gift – homemade with love and using only natural resources, this gift is a brilliant one. The gift tag pun is just the icing on the cake 

Here is what Sarah Daya said about it:

Inspired by #loveontherocks we made #sunandmoon #noughtsandcrossesbags for Eid this year. The boys loved making and playing with these. Also a great activity for the summer. If you haven’t seen the @loveontherocks_uk movement, get on it!! 🌙🌞🌙🌞🌙#eidrocks#eidmubarak #modgepodge

Marking Ramadan with Older Children - Idea 5: Split the recitation of the Quran


To try and finish the Quran on your own isn’t easy – but why not split it between your family to try and get it done? With older kids this is quite do-able and even if it doesn’t get done in the month, it can be something that will help maintain the regular recitation of the Quran in the days/weeks after Ramadan.

Here is some advice sent in by a mum on a practical way to do this:

“Each part (para) is 20 pages so we can split into 5 – so by reading 4 pages after each salat, we can finish a part a day (and the whole Quran in 1 month). The 4 pages can be split between the family so for example, if a family of 4 shares it, it would be only 1 page after each salat.”

Reward of Eating Leftovers


Subhanallah! This is for all you parents out there who are forever eating your children’s leftovers 🙂

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