Book Review: My Ramadan Dua' Book


It’s been a while since we have had a book review! Here’s one to change that 

When i was asked if i would like to review this one, I grabbed the opportunity as a) I love anything to do with books and b) I know so many people would love and benefit from this one!

My Ramadan Dua’ Book is the second book by Desi Doll Company creator, Farzana Rahman (the first one is Don’t Forget to Say Bismillah). What is unique about these books – especially in the Muslim market – is the incorporation of sound, which makes it great for reaching the different learning styles that children may have.

So what’s the story line? Well… it’s Ramadan, and Fatima and Ali are excited to be fasting for the first time ever. In the book, kids can follow their journey through the holy month. Fatima and Ali go through all the normal stuff kids do, such as take out their water bottle to take a sip before realising they are fasting, and having their mum insist they take a nap . They have incorporated lots of beautiful themes eof Ramadan into the story, such as sharing the iftar with non-Muslim friends, collecting items for the food bank, and paying special attention to Laylatul Qadr.

At different points, children can make the links between the story and the buttons on the right and enjoy pressing and hearing the different clips – from the dua’ for beginning the fast to the dua’ for the new moon at the end, as well as some just for fun! (Mmmm…. brownies!)

It’s a great way to introduce or consolidate the learning of these duas, and they can be heard in Arabic or the English meaning. They are recited by children, and so will be relatable to the young ones reading the book! Desi Doll Company have even thought ahead and included the (replacable) batteries so they can start reading and listening from the get go 

There are few great extras in the book such as the Eid Takbir which is written out, how to say Happy Eid in different languages and a yummy Brownies recipe at the end!

The best part is that in tthe spirit of Ramadan, Desi Doll Company have partnered with PennyAppeal and £2.50 of every book sold will go to Orphan Kind, so this is a book that gives in many ways!

Ideal for children up to 8 years I would say, but even older ones will enjoy having a quick read! Younger ones will love being read to as they press on the buttons when prompted (or just whenever ).

Check it out here:…/ramadan-story-sound-book/


Marking Ramadan with Older Kids - Idea 2: Calendar inserts


So as well as a candy calendar that we received as a gift, I decided to take out our cloth calendar as well. The questions on the candy one were great, but suitable for much younger kids.

  1. In our cloth calendar I used Academy For Learning Islam’s breakdown of Maqarim-ul-Akhlaq (which is conveniently in 30 sections!). It seemed like a great way to familiarise them with this beautiful dua which is so befitting in this month, as well as get them ready to recite it on the Night of Power!
  2. To incorporate a focus on familiarisation with the Quran (as they get their recitation practise at mosque), I decided to focus on picking certain verses from the Quran and adding them to the calendar. I really would love for them to have a ‘favourite’ verse from the Quran that they identify with and think of often, just like your beautiful answers to my question on the page earlier. I have made a file of 15 images with different verses on them – I chose a range of easy-difficult, familiar-unfamiliar ones – one every second day of the month. If they can memorise it, then great, otherwise just familiarity with it and a discussion on it is the plan! Here is the link if anyone is interested!
  3. This is a good link to a checklist by Noor Janan Homeschool which is a good tracker method over the 30 days.
  4. This link from Kisa Kids provides a whole bunch of Quranic Duas which are ideal for putting into calendars for older kids. If they decide to do the competition, then all the better!


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