'Salah-bration' Parties! A great idea for buloogh also :)


From Ruqaya’s Bookshelf on FB:

A few weeks ago, I did a live with @hafsacreates about how to create “Muslim culture” in your home. We discussed some lovely ideas, and here’s another one!

I attended a “salah-bration” party at a friend’s house after her daughter turned 7 (7 is the age that children begin to pray their 5 daily prayers). At the party, there was an amazing salah quiz, the kids prayed together, and every child received a parting gift of the 30th juz’ and a lovely hijab.

In lieu of gifts, all the guests were asked to write a letter to the little girl letting her know why salah was special to them.

What a beautiful way to celebrate the beginning of a lifetime of turning to Allah (swt).

I love this idea because it’s a way to highlight the kinds of things we want our kids to value.

May Allah swt guide all of us to continually turn to Him ❤️

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