Ashra Idea 11 - Muharram Nauha Writing Workshop / Mosaic Art Event


Alhamdulillah, the Muharram half-term event at the Children’s Islamic Library was so well attended, and all ages children ended up being very busy indeed!

Downstairs, children created a wall of mosaic art – each chose a word related to the event of Kerbala that meant something to them, and then went on to decorate this word using materials of their choice. These different mosaic tiles then went on a wall to make a magnificent display. The children also had access to all the books and games from the library – it was great to see all these materials being used by so many!

Upstairs the children aged 7 and older were honoured to have a workshop with renowned recitors! Muhammad Datoo (from Voices of Passion) led a nauha writing workshop, along with support from Muhammad Abbas Khakhi, Ali Panju and Sakina and Sabiha Rahemani (Rahemani Sisters). They chose a nauha ‘Countless Voices’ and then worked on creating a new verse or two for that in their groups and individually.

They then joined everybody else downstairs and after Story Time, some shared their new verses for all to hear. They recited beautifully and we look forward to a new generation of recitors for the Ahlul Bayt, Inshallah!

Until next time… 🙂

P.S. Oh yes! We specifically requested no Fatiha to be brought (as is usually the custom for Muharram majalis – see some thoughts on that here: Instead the library provided a simple fruit jelly pack, and we asked for people to bring in some loose change or contribute whatever they wanted for charity instead.

Alhamdulillah the response was great, with someone even bringing in their entire money box for us to break and use! We managed to raise a grand total of £122.35, which will be going straight to those in need, via Hujjat Jamaat, with the thawaab going to all the families’ Marhumeen Inshallah.

A huge THANK YOU to everybody!

To view the pictures, see:

Muharram Idea 22 - Kerbala Video Resources for Children


For children it can sometimes be difficult to find a way to explain what happened in Kerbala. Below are some resources you might find useful.

Here is a series on Muharram for children that were created during the lockdown period:

A Story Time based on the book: Yasser and Zahra Meet the Saviour of Islam

A puppet show series – short and good for younger kids:

What is Muharram?

Why attend the majlis of Imam Husayn (as)?

The Journey of Imam Husayn (a) from Medina to Kerbala:

A series of episodes for the 10 nights of Muharram:

A beautifully done video narrated by a little girl, on Imam’s final embrace:

The following is a series of powerful videos on each of the main people in Kerbala. The imagery is suitable for young children:

This video is an overview of the events, with a focus on the sermons that followed:

Sand Art – Kerbala:

This one is a general simple and short cartoon:

This is a 4 part series about the life of Abbas (as) in Arabic:

This is an English series called Heroes of Kerbala telling about the companions of Imam Husain (as):

The Unsung Heroes of Karbala:

On Kufa and the Entrance in to Shaam:

Some videos on Bibi Ruqayyah/Sakina:

On Imam Hussein (as):

What happened after the day of Ashura:

This is a series of Masaib that is easy to understand for teens too:

This animated cartoon of a latmiya where the father (Abather Alhalwachi) narrates to his son (Ammar Al Halwachi) the story of the children of Karbala:

An English cartoon recitation for children:

Thank You O' Hussain

💚 Thank You O' HussainBy Basim KarbalaeiDirected by Abbas Yousefi

Posted by Ahlulbayt TV on Friday, 28 September 2018

Here is an activity idea:

And finally, this looks like a good full-length cartoon movie:


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