Muslim TV programmes/movies/channels - Idea 1: Hurray for Baba Ali


I had promised a series on good viewing material for our young ones – thought this might be apt with the Easter holidays underway so Insh will start sharing these…if you have any to add to the list, pls do let me know!

Muslim TV programmes/movies/channels – Idea 1: Hurray for Baba Ali

I LOVE Hurray for Baba Ali – perfect for young ones, simple but clear in its content and message, lots of valuable morals and lessons to learn, and also fun to watch (even for us oldies)!

Check out both series:

Series 1:

Series 2:

Is it Eid yet? A Fun and Educational Countdown for Kids.


It’s already that time of year, would you believe?!

“On one such occasion last year I found myself telling him Eid was only 100 days away…and with that came an idea so exciting that I set to work straight away. We would have a tree – it would be a learning tree, a growing tree and with each leaf that opened we would count one less day till Eid but one more inch closer to Allah. I proposed to my then-four-year-old that we would have a “99 Names of Allah Tree.”

And here dear reader, I invite you to join us! This year on the 29th of March, it will be approximately 99 days till eid.”

Read the full article here:

How to Get Your Daughter to Wear Hijab in 12 Steps


Some great tips!

“1. Make du’a. As often as possible, ask Allah (SWT)  to enable you and your children to live righteous lives, including all of the requisites of Islamic dress and behavior.  Allah (SWT) says that a parent’s dua for his/her child will not go unanswered.”

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Love for yourself what you love for your child


Thought provoking…

“I started thinking, as parents, how often do we want our children to do the things that we neglect. Parents want their children to read with the correct articulation, but themselves are happy reading zhal instead of dhal. Parents want their children to read Qur’an often, but themselves only rarely pick up the mus’haf. Parents happily wait outside the masjid gates to pick up their child, whilst their child is reading the congregational prayer inside the masjid.”

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