Muslims give up time to feed and water the old and young


More great role models 🙂

“THESE are the stars of Brilliant Bolton — giving up their time to feed and water young and old in the town.

Dozens of volunteers are this week making free packed lunches to feed youngsters during the school holidays

And last week — when 18,000 homes had their water supply cut — these four young men took it upon themselves to deliver 1,500 bottles of water to elderly residents across the borough.

Their kindness has been hailed by leaders in the town who said their actions are an example of Bolton’s cracking community spirit.”

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And here’s another example of Muslims doing the same in Detroit:

Islam is the source of the beauty revolution


“While I still think about this question a lot, I started doing something very simple with my daughter in the hopes that I would raise her with a more accurate and holistic definition of beauty. When she does something kind like share her toys or her food with others, I tell her “you’re beautiful.” When she is helpful to me or others, I tell her “you’re beautiful.” When she remembers to say please and thank you, and Bismillah and Alhamdulillah, I tell her “you’re beautiful.””

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Inspire children to gain knowledge


Some great suggestions in the article!

“Children are a product of our society and the most valuable asset of our future. We, as adults, greatly influence how a child feels and behaves. We have the power to motivate and inspire them. We need to create a positive image about learning about our deen. The only way to achieve this is by leading by example. As a parent, you will have very little impact on your child’s want to learn if you do not make the effort to do the same.”

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Muslim Adventurer Omar Samra


A Muslim adventurer! Another role model for our children 🙂

“I really believe in the transformative power of the type of travel that we do. We basically take people out of their comfort zone, whether that’s on a physical level, mental level or spiritual level, and get them close to nature to reconnect, explore how far they can go and find out who they really are as a person. As human beings, nature — no matter if it’s mountains, deserts, seas, or jungles — is our natural habitat. When we live in big cities, in all the concrete and asphalt and buildings, we get disconnected.”

A Quran Vision for your families


An interesting article about developing a vision for Quran in our families, and how this impacts our practices. Lots of great tips both with the article, and in the comments!

“Depending on what your vision is for yourself and/or your family, especially your little children (if they are still young), you will steer the course of your parenting life in a manner that will depict the intentions, efforts and practical steps needed to achieve that vision using goals, objectives and strategies (tapping into a bit of my primitive knowledge regarding management there, heh!).

For example, a mother whose vision is to just enable her children to be able to properly recite the Arabic text of the Qur’an without understanding it, will anxiously await the day when they finally “finish” one such reading of the whole Qur’an, so that she can throw a huge party to announce the happy milestone to her friends and family members.

That day of celebration, to her, will mark the achievement of her “Qur’an vision” for her children, and from that day onwards, she might not even place a lot of stress on their picking up the Qur’an to recite it on a regular basis, or to study its translation or tafsir under a scholar.

This is because, since her vision for her children was limited to their just being able to recite the Qur’an, she will not go beyond that once it has turned to reality.”

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Quran Memorisation Series - Idea 10: Motivating our children to memorize Quran


A great addition to our memorisation series – talking about intrinsic motivation…

“Watching this short video about motivation made me think of Qur’an memorization in children. I strongly believe in fostering intrinsic motivation, and having things come from a child’s own self rather than forced on them (for example that a child doesn’t hit another child because they care about not hurting another person, versus not hitting because they fear getting punished). This is not an easy thing to do, but it’s looking at long term rather than short term results…” Read the full article here:

Here is another article on a young hafidha’s journey to  memorising the Quran:

And here’s a little inspiring video for them:


Posted by The Australian Muslim on Saturday, 24 March 2018


Raising Allah-centric Preschoolers by Ruhaifa Adil


“The biggest influence in the lives of babies and toddlers are their parents and immediate family; however, as pre-schoolers, they meet and interact with teachers and other kids in their class/playground and learn a lot more about the world they live in. In these interactions, they also encounter many thoughts and values that oppose those that that they have been taught so far. It is important that Muslim parents continue their efforts to bond their children with Allah and His deen (religion) at this age.

The 3 to 5 year old stage is a stage of exploration and creativity, hands-on learning, and experimentation. It is a great age to help your children connect further with Allah by helping them learn about their deen through fun and activity-based learning. Continue with the ideas you have been using since they were infants and toddlers such as listening regularly to the Qur’an, incorporating various Sunnah practices in daily life, and telling them that Allah loves them. Add the following activities to reinforce your teachings…”

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