The Universal Beauty of Dua


Had a busy weekend with two stalls where I was showcasing Buzz Ideazz products. One of these stalls was particularly unique because for the first time, non-Muslims were there and browsing around – this was at an Eid fair held at a school.

I was curious to know how they would react to the products – would they walk quickly by, feign some interest perhaps? It was great to see a genuine interest, with some even buying Eid cards for friends, and one for his daughter who couldn’t come to the fair because she was ill.

For me however, the best part of this was when a non-Muslim liked the wording on our foldable hairbrush/mirror and bought it for her granddaughter!

Alhamdulillah – and what beautiful and universal wording it is indeed 🙂

“O Lord, just as you have made me good-looking on the outside, so make my character good inside.”

Sporty Hijaabs and Climate Adjusting Hijaabs


Alhamdulillah, we are make a lot of headway with the different hijaab options we have out there!

Here are two recent advances in the hijaab field…

Sporty Hijaabs:

Climate Adjusting Hijaabs:


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