Ramadan articles for us parents!


Some great resources for Ramadhan and Kids!


Mashallah, there is an abundance of articles out there listing ideas of things to do with children during this month, to help them appreciate the value and importance of it and most of all, to LOVE it! Below I have rounded up some of my favourites – hope it gives you lots of ideas!

Here are some links to articles that I have really enjoyed reading about Ramadhan, and that have inspired us in our own preparations for the Holy Month! Hope it comes in handy to you too 🙂

Welcome Ramadan Party, anyone? http://myhalalkitchen.com/welcome-ramadan-party-kids/

Here is a Ramadan Activity Book by QFatima: http://qfatima.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/Month-of-Ramadhan-Activity-Book-BW_Web_17-05-18.pdf

Love, love, love this idea of a Ramadhan Bucket list: http://littlelifeofmine.com/2013/07/ramadan-bucket-list.html

A children’s Welcome Ramadhan basket: http://littlelifeofmine.com/2013/07/first-day-of-ramadan-gift-basket.html#sthash.JinIlz2D.gbpl

Creating some family time in Ramadhan: http://www.soundvision.com/info/ramadan/reconnectfamily.asp

A free Ramadhan kit (printables and all): http://www.mini-mumin.com/RK2.html

Preparing our kids in advance: http://tjramadan.blogspot.co.uk/search/label/-Preparing%20Kids%20for%20Ramadan

Some craft ideas for the month: http://www.karimascrafts.com/2013/08/30-days-of-ramadan-crafts-roundup.html?m=1

Some more craft ideas – ones that i haven’t seen before!: https://www.buzzfeed.com/mikespohr/super-fun-ways-you-can-celebrate-ramadan-with-your-kids?bffbparents&utm_term=4ldqphs#4ldqphs

I like the idea of Ramadan Craft Circles:

Ramadan Story Circles

Colouring pages to occupy the little ones: http://www.allahtoz.com/fun-stuff/

Just a whole bunch of resources!: http://imanshomeschool.wordpress.com/2014/04/15/ramadan-curriculum-30-days-of-activities/



I especially the tent idea to give them their own reflective space this month 🙂


And a few more:

3 Ramadan Habits You Need to Adopt For Your Kids



 Quran Memorisation Series - Idea 8: Listen, listen, listen


Many many people recommend listening to a recitor when trying to learn a sura. The app mentioned earlier in the series does this too, but there is also an excellent website called tanzil.net .

The recommended recitors for little ones is Al-Husary (NOT Al-Husary Mujawwad), and a slightly faster paced on for older ones is Parhizgar.

Having recitation on while they are going to sleep/are sleeping is also highly recommended for it to seep into their souls 🙂

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