Salaah helps us PHYSICALLY


Here are two great articles to add to our Salaah Series, where we looked at ideas to help our children LOVE to pray, and not just pray because they have to…

They both show how beneficial Salaah is to us PHYSICALLY as well!

Here’s the first: Salaah makes your face glow (thanks in part to the blood that rushes to your face when we are in sujood) 🙂

And following on from the previous post on Salaah helping us physically, here’s the second article on how Muslims do yoga five times a day 😉 A great way to perhaps explain the holistic aspects of salaah and that even when our kids (and us!) may go through a phase when they are not ‘feeling’ salaah, salaah is still always benefitting them!

And you really can’t get clearer than this!:

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