Quran Memorisation Series - Idea 7: Play GAMES to help them learn!


In ‘Adventures of a Qur’anic Family’ – a book designed to help children learn and apply different Quranic verses in their lives through stories – there is a section at the end devoted to memorisation.

In it, is a section on games to help them learn! This is a great way to make learning fun, as opposed to boring and heavy. Indeed, children learn best when they’re having fun 🙂

Traffic Lights: Concentrating on the verse that you’re teaching them that day, get them to run around when you say ‘Green’, then freeze when you say ‘Red.’ They can only ‘Go’ again if they recite the verse. Again, they race around, and you say ‘Red’, etc. If more than one child, say it to them individually so as one is still moving around, the other is stopped; that way, if they’re each working on different chapters, they can each get a turn to say their line.

Tag: Same concept as above, but this time try and catch them. When you do, hug them tight. They can only get out of your ‘hug’ if they recite the verse correctly. If they get it wrong, squeeze them even tighter!

Supermarket Game: Can be played with parent and child, or with any number of children. The longer the chapter, the better! The first person recites one verse of a chapter of their choice. Then the second recites the first AND the second, then the third recites the first two AND the third, etc… going round and round in circles. This really drums it into them!

Turn, Turn: If more than one child, or for longer chapters, turns can be taken to recite the verses. If they have to be prompted or they get it wrong, they get a forfeit (e.g. jump up and down 5 times).

Reverse Psychology: Challenge the reluctant child, “’Bet you can’t recite Chapter Lahab.” Chances are, he’ll say, ‘Just watch me!’, and he’ll recite it! Make a big deal of it, saying, “Oh I’m wrong again, not fair!” Then challenge him with another, etc…

Push Mummy Over: This is especially nice to teach them their 4 Quls. Tell them the Chapters are like a force field around them, where if they recite it they’re super-protected and Allah makes them really strong. First, sit cross-legged on the floor and get them to try and push you over, while you’re resisting really hard. Then, get them to recite one of their chapters and then try. Allow them to push you very easily, making a big dramatic scene of falling over of course, and exclaiming, “Not fair, you became all strong!”

Teacher, Teacher: Make them the teacher. Recite your chapters with mistakes here and there and get them to point out the corrections. Alternatively, get them to recite it correctly as you repeat after them.

P.S. To check out the book, see link below:


First Hijaab-wearing Chef on US TV


And another one!

You know, I was thinking it’s unfortunate that it is such a big deal for hijaabis to become policewomen, or on TV shows, etc, and that OF COURSE hijaab doesn’t stop us from doing all these things…

But the reality is that in this day and age it IS difficult with the negative attitude that is rife, and so it is our duty to acknowledge and celebrate each and every small victory.
So woo hoo! Go Amanda Saab!


Quran Memorisation Series - Idea 6: Little but Often


This is related to idea 5 – repeat it 7 times… WHAT you repeat 7 times however, should be feasible! Start small, an ayah perhaps, or even half an ayah if it is a long one. It may seem that they are not really picking it up the first day, but the second day it will Inshallah seem more familiar to them and come easier.

Also, don’t rush to the next one too soon! If a day or two is needed on the one ayah, then spend that day or two on it, perfecting the makhraj as well – because once they’ve learnt it wrong, it is very hard to change!

Eid Tree - Decoration Ideas!


Following on from the Eid Tree idea shared last week, now we need to get thinking on how to decorate it!

We are trying to gather all the ideas (both decoration-wise and just general uses for the Eid tree) here on this Pinterest board – join us! If you come across anything that you think might be good, pls feel free to share too!

Lastly, why not get some mums and kids over to have a decoration making session? Home-made decorations are so charming and the children will love seeing their handiwork up there. It also makes it easier when done together, doesn’t it?!

If you’re in the London area, join us for ours! It will be at the Children’s Islamic Library in Stanmore next Wednesday at 2pm.

Happy decorating 🙂


Quran Memorisation Series - Idea 5: Repeat 7 times


I heard this great little tidbit last Friday where a very learned teacher said that if you want to teach your children anything, do it in multiples of 7. So in this case for example, repeat an ayah 7 times, then leave it…

Have tried implementing it since then and it seems a good tip – as well as the deeper significance that I’m sure lies behind it, any more and they switch off to be honest!

P.S. Came across this video which repeats Ayatul Kursi 100 times! Ideal to play at night while they sleep perhaps?

Allah's Awesome Creation - Ant Talk!


Subhanallah. Check out this video of research on ants communicating … something that has been in the Quran more than 1400 years ago!

‘When they approached the valley of the ants, one ant said, “O you ants, go into your homes, lest you get crushed by Solomon and his soldiers, without perceiving.” He smiled and laughed at her statement, and said, “My Lord, direct me to be appreciative of the blessings You have bestowed upon me and my parents, and to do the righteous works that please You. Admit me by Your mercy into the company of Your righteous servants” (Sura 27: 18-19).’

Eid Tree!



Here is the idea I was talking about yesterday. They are apparently all the craze at the moment, being used at baby showers, weddings and whatnot. As mentioned yesterday, they come in all shapes and sizes, and you can choose whether you want one with inbuilt LED lights or not. The price is not too costly at all – and of course, you can really keep costs down if you go for a simple one like the one with the yellow hearts in the pic – all you need is a set of twigs and a vase!

Now, if you are familiar with Montessori, you will know that they all have an ‘interest’ table, where they lay out stuff that is of interest at the moment, be it leaves and nature stuff during autumn, or certain artefacts from a country that they are studying. Similarly, many homes will have a place where they have some Alams or an Islamic focus. This tree can be your home’s spirituality table! Throughout the year, there are things you can do with the tree to keep your children’s interest piqued, remind them about the different important days that are coming up, etc. If not throughout the year, by all means, put it away and dust it off for the month of Ramadhan 🙂

So here are (JUST) a few ideas for this tree (to prove to you that it is well worth the investment!)…

1) Our primary aim of course was to DECORATE it for Eid and use it as a place to put presents round. For smaller trees, simply place on a table and do so; for larger trees, just around the base. In terms of decoration ideas – have no fear, another post will soon be here 😉


2) We usually decorate after Laylatul Qadr, so when thinking about a possible use prior to that, I came across the idea on Pinterest of using it as a Prayer Tree. Hang up people’s names that you want to pray for, or even your own family’s personal duas.


3) After Eid, how about making it a Thankful Tree? Again, thank you Pinterest! You and your family can think of things you are thankful for that Eid, or perhaps even once a week for the rest of the year, and add that on.


*As a side, note – speaking of thankful/gratitude/Alhamdulillah trees, check out this alternate idea: http://www.ruqayasbookshelf.com/planting-seeds-of-gratitude-in-little-hearts-the-gratitude-tree/


4) Or how about a good deed tree? Someone sent this awesome idea in!


5) Someone else sent in this idea – how about making it a tree of knowledge and using it to share ahadith and ayahs of interest?

treeofknowledge  treeofknowledge2

4) Another idea for the rest of the year was to use it to display family pics – a visual prayer tree of sorts! Looks pretty awesome too 🙂


5) Going back to the idea of the interest table mentioned earlier, why not change the objects on and around the tree depending on what Islamic month it is? Perhaps books or objects relating to the holy personalities that are commemorated in the month, or even any Islamic arts and crafts they have done?


6) Lastly (although am hoping you will come up with many more uses), I have a product that is being developed which will Inshallah help us mark the birthdays of the holy personalities with the kids in an interactive manner. Starting from the 17th of Rabbiul Awwal and for every birthday after, they can hang a little wooden piece with their name on it (which can also be decorated by little hands) as they sing Happy Birthday! In a year’s time, the tree will be full and it can start all over again… Inshallah will keep you posted on this 🙂

So get on your phones/iPads/computers and start shopping, people! Ebay, Amazon, etc have loads. And FYI for those of you in the UK, Hobbycraft have some too! We (ie. that creative friend and I!) are hoping to get one soon and perhaps try out all these ideas, take photos and share with you all – so stay tuned!

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