Blog 12 - Ruqaya's Bookshelf


I had shared an article from this blogger a few days ago but it was just today when I happened to go on the blog itself, that I saw that she has written a NUMBER of amazing articles all about Parenting and Islam.

Her blog is definitely going on Buzz Ideazz’s list of Muslim blogs to follow – for the rest of them, click here:

Here is her latest article about helping our daughters trust their voices!

Nouman Ali Khan - Showing Love to Children from the Quran


Wednesday – Nouman Ali Khan Day!

I love this gem which shows us a little snippet from the Quran on what it means to show love to children…

From Bayyinah Institute: “Surah Yusuf highlights the love between a father and his son when Prophet Ya’qoob shows his love by being an attentive and caring listener. In Surah Al-Qasas, the mother of Prophet Musa shows her love by holding and feeding her baby. Between the two accounts, you find a complete picture of what it means to show love to children. On one hand you’ve got to make them so comfortable around you that they will tell you anything, even a dream. On the other hand, you’ve got to show them your love through physical affection (holding them and hugging them).”


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