Book Review: My Dad's Beard


I LOVED this book:)

My Dad’s Beard by Zanib Mian – Sweet Apple Publishers – is everything you would want from a picture book, and more.

The illustrations (by Lauran Ewing) are clear and strong, and will appeal to young ones straight away. The text on each page changes format – sometimes it is as if straight from a computer screen, other times formed as if magnets on a fridge!

The book focusses on the dad’s beard, and why it is so cool – because you can pretend a teeny cat can live in it of course! But for me, the best part was the end, where it talks about the dad saying he is copying the greatest man that ever lives by having a beard πŸ™‚

This subtle point is bound to have the children asking about who that is, which can lead into a wonderful discussion about Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)! A great way to both teach, and entertain – am sure this will be a bedtime favourite.

Islamic Montessori Material - Blog 11


An up and coming blog to follow inshallah!

This talented Montessorian mum is filling a much needed space by making Montessori materials for Islamic topics – I have seen many of her activities that she has made and they are FANTASTIC. They are currently being used in our Madressa as well, to much success, Alhamdulillah πŸ™‚

Follow her here for lots of ideas – most of which you will be able to make yourself in your homes!

Parenting by Connection


For all those who have joined us recently and may not be aware, I am also a Parenting by Connection instructor and have a separate page for parenting posts on: Parenting by Connection with Shaheen Merali

Alhamdulillah, I recently had the opportunity to give an introduction to Parenting by Connection on Woman’s View, and in particular, how I feel that it fits in SO perfectly to Islam and our beliefs.

We talk about what children are trying to tell us through their behaviour, and certain tools we can use to really fill their needs for love and connection. In particular, we talk about crying, the science behind it, and how our religion is so ahead of time :).

I hope it is useful, Inshallah!



I love this powerful reminder about choosing friends wisely…

Perfect for the older teenagers, me thinks!

‘And (remember) the Day when the wrong-doer will bite at his hands (with regret), He will say: “Oh! would that I had taken a Path with the Messenger. “Ah! woe to Me! would that I had never taken so-and-so as a friend! He indeed led Me astray from the Reminder after it had come to Me. And ever is Satan, to man, a deserter.”‘ Sura Furqan (verse 27-29)



This video will help provide your children with a very real perspective on orphans…

Islam stresses the importance of taking care of the orphan time and time again, for example: It is mentioned in the Holy Quran (2:83), β€œβ€¦..and (you shall do) good to (your) parents, and to the near of kin and to the orphans….”

The Quran (76:8) also describes the righteous people as those who give food to the orphans – β€œAnd they give food out of love for Him to the poor and the orphan and the captive.”

Especially as it is a Friday, perhaps this would be a good impetus to give sadqa to a charity that supports orphans in particular today?

Jummah Mubarak!

Umrah Idea 14: Makkah and Madina Activity Book


Many people have asked for a resource for the younger ones, as Alhamdulillah, for the older ones the Umrah Journal has plenty to keep them busy!

This recently released activity book will Inshallah fill that gap πŸ™‚ It is perfect for the 0-5 year olds and has a variety of different things to keep them busy…and learning!

Features dot-to-dot drawings, colouring fun, puzzles to solve and 63 stickers to stick.

For more details, or to buy, check out:Β


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