Children's Majalis - Idea 7: Puzzle


In this children’s majlis, when the girls entered they could colour in the ‘Oh My Asghar’ in this unique puzzle especially made for the occasion!

They then had a chance to break up and make the puzzle if they had time. This was followed by namaaz, and then marsia, mahlis and maatam. The focus of the majlis was Hazrat Ali Asghar.

They got to take their puzzle home at the end – am sure they will remember Hazrat Ali Asghar’s story every time they make it!

Young haafidhs and haafidhas, and inspiring Quran recitors!


Subhanallah! Recently i have been coming across so many inspiring young Quran recitors! I thought i would put them in one post as inspiration for our kids learning to recite…

This documentary was done by HBO on the Quran competition in Cairo, Egypt:

Check out this video on recitations from non-Arab speaking children, including a blind child reciting from a braille Quran right at the end!

This little boy is so touched by what he recites that he is brought to tears. Subhanallah…may the Quran touch our and our children’s souls in the same way, Inshallah.

And this girl:

In this next one i love the hand gestures/symbols used alongside the verses – and I also love how the whole audience joined in to participate!

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