Developing the fitra (pure human nature) of children - by Sr. Nazmina Dhanji


A MUST-WATCH clip on developing the fitra (pure human nature) of our children.

Sr. Nazmina Dhanji has written several inspiring articles for Buzz in the past: check them out here:

Watch the full talk which was given at SICM (Mehfil Ali, London) here:

Sunnahs of Cooking


I really liked this shortlist of things to do when cooking – imagine the impact of that food on our families!

Sharing as seen on someone’s timeline:


1. Have wudhu whilst cooking-a person in wudhu is safe from shaitaan, wudhu not only cleanses one externally but it purifies us internally as well by washing our sins off.
2. Have the intention of cooking food solely for the pleasure of Allah and not for people’s praises and compliments- doing so, the cooking will be counted as ibaadat and one will be getting rewards
3. Keep your hair covered- not only to save oneself from the embarrassment of having someone pull out a hair from the food but to keep the angels of mercy present too.
4. Say BISMILLAH when beginning- Allah will fill the food with barkat & noor.
5. Always check the things and be conscious of halal & haram- the one who consumes a single morsel of haram food, his ibadat of 40 days is not accepted
6. Do lots of dhikr & recite durood throughout- the love of Allah &
Prophet Muhammed صلى الله عليه وسلم will enter in the hearts of those who eat the food.
7. Have the pious people partake the food- the pious are the friends of Allah n their duas on your behalf can be readily accepted.
8. Do not waste anything, not even a few grains as Allah hates israaf and this causes reduction in the ni’aamat .
9. When eating any food that was liked by Prophet Muhammed صلى الله عليه وسلم e.g dates, meat, thareed, pumpkin, vinegar etc, make niyyat of sunnat and gain the numerous rewards of following sunnat.
10. Think of yourself & blessing of Allah and that He is the one who has given you the ability to cook and it is he who puts taste in the food.
11. Have your servants partake of the food too.
12. Say Alhamdulillah upon completing as Allah made you the reason of satiating hunger and your ability to do so was from Allah….

Make the whole process of cooking into Ibadah & gain rewards
إن شاء الله

Students Help Students Appeal


Remember our Fundraising Series not so long ago, where we shared ideas to encourage children to raise money for other children in need?

Here is another super example: the Students for Students Appeal. It’s oh-so-simple: the children collect sponsors to either recite a Tasbih, a Sura Fatiha or a Sura Yasin for their Marhumeen’s sawab.
The money all goes to helping equip labs in a girl’s college in Pakistan.

The potential for learning here for our children is immense – appreciation of the fact that they have all the facilities which they may take for granted, the opportunity to send blessings on their Marhumeen, the chance to recite a Sura (etc), the chance to save up for their Aakhira through Sawaab-e-Jaariya…the list is endless.

Why not have your kids take up the challenge? The sponsorship forms are all on the link below, as is more information!

An Interesting Hijaab Analogy...


An interesting analogy (sharing from someone’s timeline):

Once, a girl bought an iPad. When her father saw it he asked,
“What was the first thing you did when you bought it?”
“I put an anti-scratch sticker on the screen and bought a cover for the iPad,” she replied.
“Did someone force you to?”
“Don’t you think it’s an insult to the manufacturer??”
“No dad, in fact they even recommend using a cover for the iPad.”
“Did you cover it because it was cheap and ugly?”
“Actually, I covered it because I didn’t want it to get damaged and decrease in value.”
“When you put the cover on didn’t it reduce the iPad’s beauty?”
“I think it looks better, and its worth it for the protection it gives my iPad.”
The father looked lovingly at his daughter and said nothing else.

The Happy Mum


One to watch with your kiddos! Gratitude is everything 🙂

Kerbala Model


This is how one family spent the half-term holiday – by recreating the scene of Kerbala.  What a great way to allow children to visually and spatially understand the events that occurred…

And here is the Kufa and Shaam one they made:

Tanveer Shares has a great video on making a model to help you get started:

And here is another version by a family with younger children:

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