Children's Majalis - Idea 4: Matamdari


Received from a mum!

“There are many ways we can keep the memory of Kerbala alive and it starts with sowing the seed in our children for what they are tomorrow. This year we decided to have a matamdari for my son and his friends – they are 7 years of age and all love to recite and do maatam. The invite stated that each invitee should come prepared with a nawha of just 2 verses and from the time they arrived they were fidgety and excited to shout “Ya Husayn”.

We started with Hadeethe Kisa in English, followed by an informal story and question/answer session. Our youth really benefit from these informal sessions, especially if there is a speaker they look up to.

Thereafter we had the matamdari while two boys took turns to be the home-made Allam holders. The house echoed with names of Ali/Husayn/Abbas/Sajjad/Zainab… The list goes on for our legendary role modles who stood firmly in patience against injustice. The naare haydaris, the famous ‘Mawla Haq Imam’ (see video!) led to the perpetual slogan of ‘Labbayk Ya Husayn’ reverberating against our living room walls. After a 14 Masumeen ziyarat in English, the dua for Imam e Zamana’s safety was recited in loud unison.

After cookies and milk in the garden as fateha, the boys got to play 5 a side football in the garden as it was a Friday and they all waited to be picked up by their fathers after Jummah. This matamdari brought the boys together, and Inshallah I pray that it solidified their understanding a little further. Alhamd the program stirred an awakening in many mothers and many wish to do the same to keep the memory of Kerbala alive. It just starts with one person – what are you going to do for Imam Husayn this year?”

Muslims invite lonely Danes for a Christmas meal


This is SUCH a wonderful idea!

A Muslim family invites Danes who are lonely or can’t afford a good meal to his home, to share in a meal.

‘”I read, for example, about the elderly sitting all alone. Or about a single mother or single father who can’t get money from the municipality. And then I think they must surely like to come by here. For Christmas is all about joy and being with friends and family,” the 31-year-old man told online newspaper.’

Reaching out to our wider community through gestures like these are what will help us all to live together in peace, Inshallah! And what better way to introduce others to the TRUE Muslim ideals, as opposed to what they hear and see on the media all day?

This is exactly why Buzz Ideazz has a range of unique interfaith Christmas cards that encourage us to reach out…!

Children's Majalis - Idea 2: The Story of Kerbala through Pictures


Here are some more children’s majlis ideas all the way from Singapore… love the idea of expressing the story through pictures!

“We have had two majlises for the children so far. One majlis was conducted entirely by the boys except for a puppet show conducted by the teacher. Two of our young boys talked about the story of Kerbala using pictures that they drew and coloured themselves.

majlis3 majlis4

One majlis was specifically for the girls. The children led recitation of hadise kisa, marsiya, nauha and ziarat. The lectures were conducted by the mums using PowerPoint to educate pupils on akhlaq during majalis, lesson from Kerbala and a masaib on Bibi Sakinah (as).”

majlis1 majlis2

Children's majalis - Idea 1: Get the children to do everything


Mashallah, around the world more and more majalis for children are taking place. Because of the natural differences of the audience to a typical majlis, the format of these majalis vary – some do plays, others have craft activities, and so on. So i thought it might be nice to have a series on this just now as a way of sharing ideas and inspiration!

To start us off, here are some photos of a majlis for young girls, where the girls did everything, from the main majlis to ziyarat!

“The children took the lead this year, reciting everything from chapters and verses of the Holy Qur’an to marthia, nawha and ziarat.

We were fortunate to be joined by aspiring young reciters who appear regularly on Ahlulbayt tv – Sister Malek Mehdi touched our hearts with her poetry.


Even the lecture was given by a young zakira Fatema Zahra Chandoo, who gave a thought provoking lecture and very moving masaaib on ‘patience’.


As a take-home activity, the children received a cress-growing activity and a dua on patience to support the main message of the majlis.”

IMG-20141115-WA0009 IMG-20141115-WA0010

Developing the fitra (pure human nature) of children - by Sr. Nazmina Dhanji


A MUST-WATCH clip on developing the fitra (pure human nature) of our children.

Sr. Nazmina Dhanji has written several inspiring articles for Buzz in the past: check them out here:

Watch the full talk which was given at SICM (Mehfil Ali, London) here:

Sunnahs of Cooking


I really liked this shortlist of things to do when cooking – imagine the impact of that food on our families!

Sharing as seen on someone’s timeline:


1. Have wudhu whilst cooking-a person in wudhu is safe from shaitaan, wudhu not only cleanses one externally but it purifies us internally as well by washing our sins off.
2. Have the intention of cooking food solely for the pleasure of Allah and not for people’s praises and compliments- doing so, the cooking will be counted as ibaadat and one will be getting rewards
3. Keep your hair covered- not only to save oneself from the embarrassment of having someone pull out a hair from the food but to keep the angels of mercy present too.
4. Say BISMILLAH when beginning- Allah will fill the food with barkat & noor.
5. Always check the things and be conscious of halal & haram- the one who consumes a single morsel of haram food, his ibadat of 40 days is not accepted
6. Do lots of dhikr & recite durood throughout- the love of Allah &
Prophet Muhammed صلى الله عليه وسلم will enter in the hearts of those who eat the food.
7. Have the pious people partake the food- the pious are the friends of Allah n their duas on your behalf can be readily accepted.
8. Do not waste anything, not even a few grains as Allah hates israaf and this causes reduction in the ni’aamat .
9. When eating any food that was liked by Prophet Muhammed صلى الله عليه وسلم e.g dates, meat, thareed, pumpkin, vinegar etc, make niyyat of sunnat and gain the numerous rewards of following sunnat.
10. Think of yourself & blessing of Allah and that He is the one who has given you the ability to cook and it is he who puts taste in the food.
11. Have your servants partake of the food too.
12. Say Alhamdulillah upon completing as Allah made you the reason of satiating hunger and your ability to do so was from Allah….

Make the whole process of cooking into Ibadah & gain rewards
إن شاء الله


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