How do we give charity?


Thought provoking article on how we choose to give charity. Sharing on this page because we are always role modelling for our children through how we ourselves give…

Reminds me of the ayah in Sura Al Imran 3:92:
Lan tanalul- birra hatta tunfiqu mimma tuhibbun, wa ma tunfiqu min syai’in fa innallaha bihi ‘alim
By no means shall you attain Al Birr (piety, righteousness – here it means Allah’s Reward, i.e. Paradise), unless you spend ( in Allah’s Cause) of that which you love; and whatever of good you spend. Allah knows it well.

Fath/Victory Wall


Have you heard of a Victory wall? It is a space you dedicate to the little everyday victories a child makes – it can be especially useful when trying to work on something in particular, such as homework or manners.

Why not call it a Fath wall, and teach then the Arabic word for victory, as well as the name of a Sura! 🙂


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