Inspirational memes as desktop backgrounds :)


So I tried something out at home, and it worked so well that I thought I would share in case it is helpful for you too…

You know how we tend to put funky pictures, or family photographs up as our desktop background? Well, I came across some awesome memes (like this one) and I thought I would love to share it with the kids, but they would usually be at school when I was browsing, and I tend to forget after.

So I thought I would have that pic up as my desktop background. That way, when they go on the computer next, it would automatically catch their eye and they could read/see it then. It has worked really well! And the bonus is that it doesn’t seem like me ‘teaching’/’preaching’ to them, but they just absorb the message. Or ask me about it and it leads to a discussion of sorts.

Just another small way of bringing a little inspiration into their lives…

Maybe we could add this to our ‪#‎inspiration‬ series as well the videos? If you have any inspiring memes/videos, please do share those 🙂

Book review: Isa the Incredible climbs Mount Mushkil


As we are between series, I thought we should do a few more book reviews!

I just received this book and I LOVE it!! Here is the blurb:

“LIttle Isa the Ant loves the playground. But he’s too scared to climb the playground’s great big hill, Mount Mushkil! No matter how hard he tries, he can’t follow his brothers and sisters to the top. This makes him sad. When the mean ants from school laugh at him, he feels worse. Then a wise old any teaches Isa the secret of climbing Mount Mushkil. But can Isa believe hard enough to make it to the top? Will the secret really help Isa?”

This story is inspired by the bravery of Ali ibn Abu Talib, and is one that will actually resonate with both young and old. It was a great reminder to me to use the ‘secret’ in my own life when faced with any trouble, and I will definitely by trying to implement it as well as helping my children learn it too!

I won’t spoil the essence of the book by revealing the ‘secret’, but do check it out! The images are bold and clear, perfect for little ones. And Isa the Ant’s dilemma is one that will have been faced by many children, if not all at some point in their lives.

Check the Twelver Kids website out for an interactive playground and more:
Also available from Taqwa Media:

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