Fundraising Idea 22: Have an Eid Toy Drive


Last one for this series!

I saw this idea on This Little Life of Mine – here is how it works:

“So the Eid toy drive was an event where we called on and invited families to bring a brand new gift to be donated to local families in need. The gift would be wrapped at the event. The children would make a Eid card to accompany the gift. Finally they would receive a small prize or memento for their participation.

We worked with Islamic Relief (which is the main sponsor of the event) and the organizations they work with in the area. The gifts were labeled by gender and an approximate age the gift is suitable for. This would be cross referenced with their list of families and the children in each family.

It’s a very basic idea. It was received well by everyone in attendance. It’s a great opportunity to teach children the beauty of sadaqah!”

A great idea – Inshallah one to implement next year?!

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