Make them an Iftaar Box


Inspired by this iftaar box by This Little Life of Mine: who made these below, I made some for my kids! When I saw made, I mean ‘stuck foam letters on’! Something to make their iftaari even more special!




Fundraising Idea 6: Sponsored Quran memorisation


How apt is this fundraising idea for this Holy month!

Here are two brilliant examples!

1) “A couple of years ago, Fatema Zahra (6) and Muhammad Ali (4) took on a fundraising project to help those suffering from the famine in East Africa. They had visited an orphanage in Africa in the previous year and met the children there which made them even more determined to help the plight of those families suffering in Africa.

They raise funds by being sponsored to memories Suras such as Sura Al-Balad and Sura Al-Asr and specific verses of the Holy Quan such as the Ayah of Shahadah in the Holy month of Ramadhan and set up a justgiving page to receive donations for their cause.

They ended up raising £1000 in just 10 days and increased their target to £1500 which they managed to exceed by the end of Ramadhan too!”

2) Here is another Quran and Dua challenge:

JustGiving page here:

Watch her video here:


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