Fundraising idea 18: Giving from their own pockets...


A beautiful selfless gesture…sharing as seen on a Facebook post:

“I have just seen the most beautiful scene:

After the kids Award Ceremony at SIJNY for Quran and Dua recitation and memorisation, Sohail Abdullah asked for donations to Comfort Aid’s ‘Zanzibar Education Fund’, to provide desks for schools (

The children, who had just received cash for their Shahr Ramadhaan efforts spontaneously rose, one by one, to return their gifts as donations to the Education Fund!

This is fantastic selflessness from the children and should be commended. The whole jamaat was very moved by this action from such young kids.

“Those who spend (in the cause of Allah) privately or publicly, by night and day, have their reward with their Lord. And (on the Day of Resurrection) they shall neither fear nor grieve.” (Al-Baqarah 2:274)”



Fundraiser Idea 16: Washroom Packs for Sale


Another simple but very effective idea! Imagine the thawaab gained everytime anyone uses these 🙂

“We will be selling these Washroom Packs at mosque tonight.

They contain:
A laminated ghusl card for in the shower.
A laminated wudhu card for beside the sink.
A laminated washroom door sign.
You can use these in your homes as daily reminders.
Please support us in raising funds for Palestine as every penny raised will be donated.
Packs are £3.50 each.
Please order in advance to guarantee your pack.”

Fundraiser idea 14: An Eid Gift Shop


This is a classic that has been running for many years now in children’s classes. On the last week before Eid, the children bring in unwanted presents from their homes and these are all collected and priced (between £1 and 5).

Then the children bring in money and buy presents for their families! The presents are wrapped so that mums and dads don’t know what they have chosen 🙂

That children get to choose their own gifts for others is a great way to get them to think for thenselves about what their family members would like – and their choices are often spot on! (Alhamd :))

And of course, all proceeds go to charity 🙂

Fundraiser Idea 13: Hold a fundraising bazaar - and let the kids run the show


Last month we shared the 15th Shabaan fundraising bazaar which had loads of ideas of things you could do to raise money, even including beauty treatments with 100% of the profit going to a charity.

Check out this one – with a ball pool for little ones, loom bands sale, goal game, etc.

It doesn’t even have to be difficult to organise! The Children’s Islamic Library held a similar fundraiser two years ago and asked parents and children to choose a stall they wanted to run together! They then organised everything to do with the stall and just showed up on the day to get things going. Check out pics from the event here to get ideas for what to do!

The kids absolutely thrived on having their own stall to run and it taught them a lot of skills too – handling money, encouraging customers, being responsible for set up and clear up – in short, would highly encourage it

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