Baligha Parties - Party Favours


Ideas for PARTY FAVOURS in Buloogh Parties:

  • The crafts they have made!
  • Prayer bag (including prayer mat, mohr, tasbih, dua book, etc)
  • Chaadar
  • A scarf/maqna
  • Hijaab pins/bands
  • Buloogh Journal
  • A Salaah Record Book
  • Pop up cup for going to washroom when out
  • Perfume
  • Socks
  • Personalised Tasbeehs
  • Check out what one mum did! Each of the items in the party bag meant something special to the girl’s becoming baligha 🙂

2016-05-26 11.20.50

  • Another mum had a beauty theme to the party and so gave out the following:

The contents were:
Lip gloss
Nail polish
Stick on earrings
Nail file
Gold foil chocolate heart

She even gave the adults something too! A candle with the following message:

  • I love love love this gift that was given out to girls at a baligha party which was held just before Ramadan! It’s basically the perfect kit for the children to bring in to mosque every night – the bag is labelled so nothing gets lost, and is big enough to hold their own food plates/containers also – which means less styrofoam and plastic being used overall – win, win!

  • Also love this baligha party favour pack sent in by a mum 🙂

Body odor isn’t pleasant, cover it up with body spray
Attar freshens your senses before you pray
Log your good deeds and qaza salaah or fasts in your notepad
Illuminate your heart with dhikr of Allah through the use of the Mohr n tasbih
Get rid of body odor with the soft smelling powder
Hand over your tears to Sayyida fatema (a.s) in your handkerchief for shifa on Qiyama
Avoid bacteria by sanitizing

Baligha Parties - Arts and Crafts


Ideas for ARTS and CRAFTS activities in Buloogh Parties:

* Mehndi applications and lesson

* Decorate your own hijaab with fabric pens/stone stickers

* Decorate your own long sleeved shirt with tie dye/fabric paint

* Make your own scarf pins with beads, etc

* Make and decorate a dua card

* Decorate plastic storage boxes which they can take home for their party favour, as a place to store their hijab pics/jewellery

2016-06-05 15.08.33

Any more ideas?

One mom said: “We had these polystyrene hearts and attached sequins on there with small plastic pins… symbolises ….our hearts should be made up of lots of small goods sparkling deeds. So we have a beautiful heart/soul.”

Baligha Parties - Games


Continuing on the theme of buloogh parties, and to capitalise on all the awesome ideas out there, I am going to share a few posts to get things rolling.

Please do add your own ideas in the comments section so that we can Inshallah have a huge bank to choose from!

Firstly: Ideas for what GAMES to play in Buloogh parties!

* The station ideas from Idea 5:

* “Who’s your mahram” game – on small pieces of paper write down different family members names each friend take it in turn to pull one paper and read it to the buloogh girl…. “is your cousin Ali your Mahram or not?” This has also been done as a Knock Knock game where someone knocks the door and describes who they are.

* Have the girls design hijabi Western clothes/abayas.

*Give the girls a selection of Western clothes, shores, bags and scarves that they need to put together to make some trendy hijab styles – they may even do a fashion show at the end to present their creations!

* The girls can be put in pairs with each pair given a variety of hijabs and pins. Their task would be to come with new ideas and ways to wear hijabs. One partner would be the model and the best idea wins a prize! Alternatively, demonstrate a few hijab styles and then let them loose!

* How many hijabs can you wear in a minute? Winner is the one with the most!

* Split the girls into two groups, give them material, decoration, craft – even black bags! They have 5 minutes to drape a creative hijab outfit on one of the girls in the group.

* Your hair is showing! In this game, give each child a few strawberry laces each. Then exclaim “Oh no! Your hair is showing!” and invite them to eat it all up! The first person to gobble up the hair so it doesn’t show anymore, wins!

* Treasure hunt – Hide scarves or something small (we used badges which said ‘I love hijab’ and ‘A proud Muslimah’) around the house and send them off on a treasure hunt! The person with the most wins, but then they each get one to take home 😉

* Put the girls into two teams and see which team answers the most questions around buloogh – winner wins prizes!

* Truth or Dare: This idea was shared by a mum and can be accessed by the link below. Girls sit in a circle on the floor. There are two containers – one marked Truth and the other marked Dare. The first player then chooses a person in the circle and has them reach in the Truth container and pull out a truth question. The girl reads the question to herself and decides if she wants to answer it or not. If she wants to answer it then she reads the question aloud and then answers it. If she doesn’t really want to give an answer to the question she folds the truth question back up and puts it back in the Truth container. Then they have to choose a dare out of the dare container and do what it tells them to do no matter what. We’ve created a big list of (rated G) questions for truth or dare and some fun dares for girls to print and use at a birthday party!

* Pass the Parcel with questions on buloogh inside

* Baligha Ball: Buy a giant inflatable ball (beach ball( and write different questions or actions all over it in black permanent marker. All the girls stand in a big circle and the one who has the ball throws it across the circle to another girl. The girl who catches it has to answer the questions or perform the action that is under her thumb, and so on…

*The Peg Game: they played this game throughout. The girls each start with 6 pegs, and have a list of words that can’t say from start to finish. If anyone says a word for the list, the first person to hear it and spot it takes their peg! the winner is the one with the most pegs at the end of the party 🙂


* Pin the pin on the Hijaabi! Cover their eyes, spin them round and then let them loose at trying to put the pin on the correct spot on the hijaabi poster (with their eyes covered still)! Another version is pin the scarf on an actual doll 🙂


*Someone has put together a Baaligha crossword puzzle as well as a quiz – available to download from the Dropbox link below. P.S. I hope it works – if it doesn’t, pls let me know!

*These quiz sheets on ‘Who Am I’ were given out at the beginning of the party and the girls could work on them throughout. The answers were given in the PPT presentation that followed.

Looking forward to more game ideas in the comments Inshallah!

Baligha Series - Idea 5: Baligha Parties


Sooo many people have said that a buloogh party is an excellent way to make turning 9 a celebration and something to look forward to, as opposed to just being about all the new responsibilities and musts (which is how it used to be not so long ago)…

And you don’t have to limit the celebrations to other Muslim friends – a few mums have invited their daughter’s school friends also and it has been a great way to get them aware of buloogh and everything about it!

Check out this awesome example 🙂

There were stations around the room, each one with a different hadith and corresponding activity. So there was:

* A charity station – as you could see on the invite, they requested people to donate charity in lieu of presents. As the mum explained, it was a great opportunity to talk to her daughter about Sawaab-e-Jaariya and how this was her way of now collecting for the hereafter instead. What a great way to start your life after buloogh!

* A pampering station – here the girls got a chance to be pampered which becoming aware of the importance of cleanliness in Islam.

* A photo booth – a hadith on how even a smile can be a form of charity is a perfect accompaniment to taking a photo as a memento of the party!

* A mehndi station – a chance for the girls to put on mehndi and look pretty

* A talk was also given to the girls on buloogh and the importance of Akhlaaq and representing Islam as young hijaabis.

In another party, there was a beauty theme and there were mini pampering stations all around!

And one mum did a play on becoming baligha! Check out the play here.


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