Ted Talk - 5 Before 5


Seeing the clip also made me think of this awesome Ted Talk on 5 Before 5 – I think I shared this on my personal page before Buzz was a reality (or maybe on Buzz yonks ago), so am sharing again because it is another MUST WATCH!

She is a super-inspiring teen and brings Islam to life through her poetry, and is a reminder for everyone to draw on their own talents and spread the beauty of religion through that…definitely one to watch with your own teens.

Another poem by Amal Ahmed Albaz – Islam 101! One to share with non-Muslim friends perhaps?

Project #2!


The mother and daughter team are at it again!

“We recently worked on this activity for Show and Tell at madressa. We built up a scene of Prophet Ibrahim as and Prophet Ismaeel as praying to Allah to accept their efforts in building the Kaaba, using different cut out pictures on card, layered in front of one another. We even put in a pretty musalla for them to sit on using a cut out from some Arabic perfume packaging!

FZ added on star and flower stickers to represent Allah’s revelations and blessings pouring down and a silhouette of herself raising her hands in prayer too.

The focus of this craft was to serve as a visual reminder for FZ to always strive to do her best to please Allah swt with her actions and choices, and to memorise, recite and apply the dua of Prophet Ibrahim as mentioned in Suratul Baqarah 2:127 – ‘O our Lord, accept this from us, surely You are the All-Hearing and All-Knowing…'”

Science Project - Linking projects to Quranic verses!


Learning in schools can also be rich with Islamic learning too! Check out one girl’s awesome Science project 🙂

“FZ was assigned a Science Project to do for school over the Easter break. She had to observe an outdoor location such as a wood, lake, farm etc. and spot signs of Spring, record them by taking photographs and present in an interesting manner.

Together we had a wonderful time exploring a lake and a local nature reserve for flowers, blossom, catkins, frogspawn, tadpoles, dragonflies, caterpillars, butterflies etc.

To present our findings we created a diorama – a miniature version of the lake and surrounds inside a box! We used photographs, 3d stickers, acrylic paints, cut out shapes, blue modelling clay for the lake and dabbed on shimmery blue glitter paint for a more ‘watery’ effect.

We also discussed and included the beautiful Verse 5 of Suratul Hajj:

‘You see the earth barren and lifeless, but when we pour down rain on it, it is stirred, it swells, and puts forth every kind of beautiful growth in pairs.’

FZ proudly presented her project to her class and explained the Qur’anic verse too 

Arabic Alphabet Series - Idea 7: Arabic Alphabet Games


Alhamdulillah, these days are are soooo many games available to allow children to get hands-on learning going…

Here are a few links to get you started:

– An Arabic wooden puzzle – can be with sound, or without sound: http://www.simplyislam.com/iteminfo.asp?item=59975

– Alphabet blocks: http://www.amsons.co.uk/alphabet-kaba-p-19783.html#.U3nj9NJdXTo

– Playdough Arabic letter shapes:http://www.simplyislam.com/iteminfo.asp?item=62271

– Alphabet magnets: http://www.amsons.co.uk/arabic-alphabet-magnets-p-19784.html#.U3nkJdJdXTo

– Arabic foam puzzle mate:http://www.annur.co.uk/store/Products/ViewProductDetails.aspx?CategoryID=9&ProductID=28827&ID=0

– How about this TWISTER style game:http://www.simplyislam.com/giant-arabic-alphabet-floor-game-qc760-islamic-gifts-childrens-toys-62391.html

JUST A NOTE: This is just a selection of the wonderful varieties out there!


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