Umrah Idea 7: Some suggestions for the Ipod!


As well as ensuring we have all the duas and Quran on our ipods, how about uploading some nasheeds about the Holy Prophet / Makkah and Medina as well?

One nasheed in particular which had quite an impact on my son, to whom I had given the ipod one evening as we sat in the haram looking at the Kaaba (after he had finished Quran and writing in his journal and didn’t feel like doing his workbook) was ‘Don’t Talk To Me About Muhammad’ by Dawud Wharnsby (From the CD – The Prophet’s Hands). If you haven’t heard it yet, please take a few minutes to do so – i always cry at the end! My son didn’t fully understand it at first but after asking me about it, the effects were obvious…and we had a lovely discussion on it too.

Other good nasheeds to take are from the CD Mountains of Makkah by Zain Bikha – when we were doing outside ziyarahs we would put this on speaker in the bus and the words are really powerful. There is a good recitation of the Talbiyya which can help children pick it up (for Shias, just to note that we have an extra Labbayk at the end).

Any other suggestions?

Umrah Idea 6: Give them some money


During the Iraq Ziyarat Series, we talked about two ideas

1. Giving our children some money to invest in a worthy cause –

2. Giving our children some money to spend on street vendors and giving them halal rizq as they are trying hard and not begging –

This time we gave our children some money to do this, and it was really awesome to see how much thought they gave it. They looked far and wide to see who they should give the money too, and in the end ended up buying from child-vendors and people who looked really tired/sad.


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