Book Review 3: Tales from Dhikarville


We all love the Mr Men Series, right? Well, here’s the Islamic version!

These books are very similar in style and size, but the people in Dhikarville are all based on Islamic concepts from Salaam to Shukr! And there are two series… Brother and Little Sister – check out the photos for more info. Just FYI – not all of them are available yet.

P.S. They do merchandise too! Check out their FB page for more info –

The first of the series is Brother Salaam: “Take a tour of Dhikarville with Brother Salaam as he introduces all the Brothers to you, whilst teaching you about the importance of saying salaam along the way!”

Book review 2: The Princess Series (based on Asma ul Husna)


I don’t know about all of you who have young girls at home, but my 6 year old loves princesses. We have all heard of all the negative hype around Disney Princesses and the connotations they come with, so what better stories to give her to read as alternatives than a Princess series based on the 99 Names of Allah?!

There are 4 books out there so far, and we look forward to many more Inshallah.

“The Princess Series has been inspired by The Asma Ul Husna, “The 99 Names of Allah.” Each Princess has been named after a particular attribute of Allah. For example, Al-Shahid, “The Witness”, therefore the Princess has been named Princess Shahida. She embodies this attribute and tells the truth after witnessing a crime. The aim of the Princess Series is to inspire your girls to both learn the 99 Names of Allah and to learn from their meanings.”




Book Review 1: The Victory Boys


As promised on facebook, in between series we shall have some book reviews inshallah!

Here is the first one: The Victory Boys (By Jamal Orme)

I particularly like this book because of its appeal to older children, especially boys – combining aspects of faith and secular life, the book tackles an everyday topic in our lives of whether we should stick things in boxes or make them work side-by-side.

Here is the blurb!

“Junayd and his friends think madrasa is a waste of time, and older brother Saleem is fast becoming the black sheep of the family. That is, until the Imam of the mosque initiates an extra-curricular project outside his comfort zone. But can faith and football flourish side-by-side?”

Has anyone read it already? If so, please share your thoughts! My 8 year old loved it

Dua = Love


Another great post from Busy Mummys!

Did you know that if you trace around hands raised in Dua, the outline will make a heart  shape?

It was a lovely way of showing the kids that hands raised in Dua is the PERFECT way to tell Allah: We Love Him

Note: for those very meticulous little eyes who need things done perfectly:
– tuck the thumbs in real nice and tight
– make a generous arc around the top of the hands instead of closely tracing around the tips of the fingers
– You’ll need to draw in the gap created by the wrists.

So we traced around our hands in dua, drew and decorated perfect hearts to say we Love Allah!

But does Allah love us back??

Of course He does!
He says in the Holy Qur’an:
(85:14) و هوالغفورالودود
He is Forgiving and Loving 

Spreading the Love - Idea 3


This year we found some really cool heart balloons (FYI Londoners – only £1 at Tesco for a pack!) and we are planning on handing these out to people that we come across today, or simply those that pass by our front door!

Would love to hear more ideas so please send them in 🙂

Spreading the Love - Idea 2


Last year we took these post it notes with us and gave them to teachers (some we just wrote Happy Valentine’s Day, and where we knew them, we wrote a note on the other side as to why we appreciated them), and then when we went out we gave them to everyone we could – the children’s swimming instructors, the guy at the till at the shop, friends we ran into, and lastly the kids stuck them on random car windows as a pleasant surprise for when they got back!

All in all an amazing feel-good day, with lots of smiles and Awwws 🙂

Spreading the Love - Idea 1


We have previously covered good deeds and the benefits, as well as random acts of kindness. So this year, why not use Valentine’s day as a fun excuse to go out and spread love in the neighbourhood?!

A few ideas coming up 🙂

One year we drew a heart wishing everyone a Happy V day and with a message to spread the love with chalk on the pavement outside our house, and watched from behind the window as people walked by, stopped and smiled 🙂


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