Hajj Ideas 4


Check this out! One creative mum couldn’t find the book on Hajj she needed for her children so decided to create her own!


I looked very hard for a book that would explain the meaning behind the rituals of Hajj to my kids, but couldn’t find one so I decided to write a story for them (starring them) that would stretch their imagination, explain the rituals sequentially AND convey some of the wonderful concepts Allah has hidden away behind the rituals of Hajj.

The story is set on a journey from home to Makkah and in the lives of two very special kids, Zahra and Zaki, who are invited to perform Hajj. It is divided into sections to make it easier to read. Probably suitable for 4+, as I have to summarise quite a bit for my three year old.

Excuse the amateur illustrations, I tried really really hard! :-S

Read it here: http://www.busymummys.co.uk/archives/zahra-and-zaki-go-for-hajj


InshA after familiarising ourselves with the steps in Hajj, we’ll undertake a Hajj role play at home. Have you done a Hajj simulation? would love to hear how you did it!
We have picked the following venues for the various rituals:
Ehraam wearing – Bedroom with covered mirror
Arafaat – Basement (as it is completely empty) with no distractions
Muzdalifa – Under the dining table with glow in the dark stars stuck under the table
Jamaraat – backyard; pelting at three trees
Sacrifice and Halaq – Kitchen, to sacrifice a balloon sheep
Tawaaf – Playroom with a big Kaaba model
Saee – Front yard; the front steps and a plant pot will be our mountains
Mina – Living room”

Hajj Ideas 3


Check out this awesome idea to make the reality of doing good deeds come alive for children from Islam From The Start!

As the month of Dhulhijja is extra special for doing good deeds, we had a introductory lesson and a fun activity to show us how good deeds bring us close to Allah.


Lets imagine that good deeds are like magnetic objects and Allah is like the strongest magnet ever!

Take a few 1p/2p coins and for each coin, have the child say a good deed and place it into a box of non-magnetic items/rice.

‘Let’s see what happens when Allah sees you doing a good deed…He pulls you close to Him!’

Use a magnet and show how the good deed coins are pulled up by the magnet!
-Point out how there is no such thing as a ‘small’ good deed, all the coins were magnetic!
– It doesn’t matter if no-one saw you do the good deed. Even coins hidden at the bottom of the pile were pulled up by the magnet. Every good deed is seen by Allah and pulled towards Him!

Use the next 10 days to become familiar with the Quranic phrase, “Wa ahsin, do good”.

Fill out the magnet worksheet by writing one good deed done each day. Remember, every good deed brings you closer to Allah!


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