Cards to 'People that help us'


I don’t know if you remember, but one of the reasons we had kept the Blank Cardzz blank was to make it versatile and easy to use for a range of people. One of the suggestions was to give them out to ‘people that help us’ in our community – to reach out to them too, and appreciate them on this day.

We started doing our rounds yesterday and today Alhamd, we managed to wrap that up! Here we are with our local police officers :). We also passed by our local library, doctor’s surgery and fire station.

P.S. Inshallah next year we will make some cards specifically for this purpose!

Hanging Eid Cards


We loved receiving and hanging up all the Eid cards 🙂

P.S. We’ve started making our rounds to the ‘people that help’ with our Eid Cardzz and Chocs – Insh will finish tomorrow and tell you more about it then!

Visit to the Neigbours

We went round to the neighbours today! It started pouring in the middle so we had to take a quick break, but oh well 🙂

This time we took some chocolates (check out these Eid Mubarak ones Guylian has come out with) as I’m all baked out – plus we usually give them baked goods so this was a nice change!

Alhamdulillah came back with having caught up with what they’ve been up to, some more phone numbers, feeling more secure (as one of them said our alarm had gone on a few days ago and he had come to check the place out to make sure it was OK), and a warm, fuzzy feeling too 🙂

P.S. I have been super amazed at your response to the cards – especially those that bought 3, 6 or 9 packs! Would love to hear how it went! Have you done this before? If not, did you enjoy the experience?


Eid Mubarak!


Eid Mubarak to all those that are celebrating today! May Allah (swt) accept this month from us Insh.

Do you have any fun traditions for Eid? A few years ago, our family started doing a treasure hunt for the children on Eid day, with the hunt culminating in finding and opening their Eid present from the family. Now it’s a much-awaited event by all of us, young and old :). Each year the clues keep getting more sophisticated – this year we even did some morse codes, QR codes and audio clues!

Family breakfasts, dinners, visiting…would love to hear how you spend your Eid day!

Mystery Muliani


A few years ago, a friend started something that is both a lot of fun, encourages acts of kindness, and recently, finishes off with a healthy dose of charity!

An Islamic version of Secret Santa, in Mystery Mauliani, at the beginning of Ramadan we are given a person’s name and contact information. Thus begins the fun! Throughout the month, we then try and do little acts of kindness for this person, showering them with love :). Ideas include helium balloons on their doorstep, Survival Kits for Laylatul Qadr, baked goods passed on through messengers and much more. At the same time, someone is doing all that to us!

At the end of the month is the famous MM reveal, where we get to find out who our MM was and vice versa. Previously we would give our MM a gift, but now we donate to charity on their behalf. Today is our reveal which is why I thought I’d mention it! These opportunities to give really do get us buzzing – the receiving feels nice of course too ;).

Alhamdulillah there are many other versions of it now, such as Secret Sister (between the volunteers), Nudba Angels (between a group that meets for Nudba regularly), etc. There is also a version of MM for the younger crowd!

Do you have something like this where you are? If not, would you like to try it out next year?

Floor Chair


I am really excited to unveil a very chic, contemporary, practical Swedish product exclusive to Buzz Productzz!

A unique versatile floor chair that provides excellent back support and comfort, so that you no longer need the company of a wall! The chair is ideal for listening to lectures, doing a’maals or just quietly reflecting and meditating on the floor. The chair makes a fantastic companion for those going to Ziyarat or Hajj and who would like to spend long periods of solitude time in front of the Holy Kaaba or the Holy Shrines.

Rolled up in a chic black case the chair weighs under 1kg (985g) and makes an ideal Eid, Birthday, Hajj or Ziyarat gift to both young and old.

It has had excellent reviews in the press:

The Sunday Times Newspaper – “The Swedish designer has taken the humble folding chair and turned it into something stylish, tough and, above all, comfortable…”

Time Out London – Tried and Tested – “…hey presto, instant support…trust the Swedes to deliver another brilliant idea in birch…essential spectator gear.”

Product Code: FC101
Normal RRP – £29.99
Buzz special Launch price – £25.00

Limited stock available! You know what to do! E-mail us on to place your order or for more information 😉

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