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Every Ramadhan, as well as trying to communicate the importance of this month and all its facets to our children, we strive to seek a balance and make it a spiritually uplifting month for ourselves too.

Whereas the recitation of the Quran is highly recommended, I often feel that with just recitation, or even translation, i’m not doing enough to make an impact on myself, to change, hopefully for the better. This year, Alhamd, I found the perfect tool to get to learn and apply the Holy Quran in our lives in small, manageable and very practical doses.

Check out Academy of Learning Islam’s Ramadhan Verse-a-Day program – I hope you find it as beneficial as I do, and that it gets your spirituality buzzing this Ramadhan!

Our Designer


Folks, we would like you to ‘meet’ our uber-talented designer, Aaliya Sheriff. She has so many ideas in her head, and not enough time in the day to get them all out, Mashallah! Inshallah we’ll be showing you her designs very soon, but in the meantime, here is some background…

From a young age, Aaliya was always encouraged to create, whether it was a crafts project or painting. This creativity has become her life passion and chosen career. Based in Vancouver, she graduated with a Bachelor of Design in Graphic Design. She is currently in a Masters of Graphic Design program here in London.

Aaliya is also interested in illustration, having worked on several projects that have sparked her interest. One of her hobbies, when she needs to relax, is design and apply her own mehndi.

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