Muharram resources for children and classes

  1. KISA Kids have a whole bunch of stories and project ideas available as both free and paid downloads. Check them out here:
  2. – Salamoji Muharram Workbook for younger kids available for free download

3. Muharram Reflections & Mini Momin Arbaeen:

Muharram Reflections (UK Delivery)

Mini Momineen Arbaeen Learn About Arbaeen PDF (Individual Download)



6. – Muharram Resource Pack

7. And how about these posters, which can be great desktop backgrounds as well: We made the awesome images by Awaiting Angels into a Memory game! A great way to learn more about the Heroes of Kerbala – for me as well as the kids!

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Prophet Muhammad


Celebrate the Prophet’s birthday with your children using ideas from Islam from the Start’s Prophet Muhammad collection!

“The book is divided into four sections with crafts and activity ideas to help build a basic knowledge base about the Holy Prophet and allow children to understand and practice what it means to live in his footsteps.

  1. The life of the Prophet
  2. The way of the Prophet
  3. Follow the Prophet
  4. Celebrate the Prophet”

Download this amazing resource here:

Ramadan Calendars and Fillers


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