Hijaab no limit to what professions women can do!


The phrase ‘too bust being awesome to be oppressed’ comes to mind 🙂 Not only can hijaabis be anything they want, they excel in it too!

Pilot and airline crew:

Brunei’s National Airline Introduces All-Female Flight Deck Crew



Captain of Navy:

“WHEN Captain Mona Shindy climbed aboard HMAS Canberra to test missiles in the Pacific, a locker had to be converted into a sleeping quarters to accommodate her.

Never before had an active Australian warship carried women. But aged 23 and launching what would become a 26-year career with the Navy, this was just the first hurdle of a trailblazer.

Already she had a University degree in the blokey domain of engineering. Weapons engineer. And if this were not unusual enough, Captain Shindy happens to be Muslim, and for most of her career in the navy, has been a mother.”

– See more at: http://www.themuslimguy.com/muslim-female-captain-is-leader-in-australias-royal-navy/#sthash.oXzpvkK4.dpuf

Police woman:




Scientist and researcher:




Teacher (World’s Best One!):

Personal fitness trainer:

Like this one who was interviewed by Oprah!


Hijaab no limit to what sports women can do!


Below we have example after example of different sports Muslim women had excelled in WITH the hijab! often making history too 🙂







Beach Volleyball:






And also we have Ibtihaj Muhammad:

“When Ibtihaj Muhammad was 13 years old, her mother drove past a school and saw athletes training in full body covering gear. Her mother did not know what the sport was called, but she turned to face Ibtihaj and said; I do not know what that is but you are doing it. The uniform which they wear for fencing basically inspired her. This is the only sport in which your body is fully covered from head to toe. So, as for the Muslim girl it was the best chance to be an athlete.”

Read the full story here: http://worldstorytoday.com/?p=945



“Ground-breaking football coach Annie Zaidi has won a top accolade at the 2015 Sportswomen of the Year Awards.

She was awarded the Hellen Rollason prize for inspiration at the London ceremony on Friday night.

David Beckham told the star studded event in a video message that Annie was “an inspiration to so many people”.

Annie, is the only Muslim woman football coach in the region.”

Read more: http://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/Muslim-football-coach-Annie-Zaidi-wins/story-28136298-detail/story.html#ixzz3tezADbCu

Weight Lifting:




And finally, how cool is this 🙂


An inspiring hijaab story


Shared as seen on Facebook. Loved it! Stay strong in your beliefs, no matter how hard the times!


In 1979 my grandfather made the decision to leave his home in Syria and start a new life the U.S. The plan was that my grandfather would come to California first and then my grandmother would follow along with their 7 children. Their American Airlines Flight #191 reservations included a stop in New York then a connection in Chicago before finally arriving in California. They landed in New York first. All immigrants first had to apply for a green card before their next destination. My Aunt Hala had recently put on the hijab. When it came time for her photo, they asked my aunt to remove her hijab and she said NO. They consistently informed her that she would not be able to move to America or go to their next flight until she took this photo but she was steadfast and insisted on her rights. By now my grandmother became impatient, having flown half-way across the globe and having spent close to their life savings on these tickets, she did not want to miss the next flight out to California. My grandmother pleaded and told her to remove it and to do what the immigration officers told her to do, but my aunt continued to refuse. They called her into the back and she told them It doesn’t matter how many people you call in, I will not remove my hijab for this photo. After the officers called their supervisors and three brutal hours later, they finally released my aunt and allowed her to keep her hijab on for the photo. However, by then it was too late, the entire family had missed their connecting flight and they had to purchase new plane tickets and stay overnight in New York. Furious and upset, my grandmother lectured my aunt the whole flight to California.

By the time they finally arrived to LAX California, my grandfather greeted them with the biggest hug and was in tears. He kept repeating “Hamdulilah you’re alive! Hamdulilah you’re alive!” And they were like, well yeah why wouldn’t we be??

He said, “The original flight you were supposed to get on crashed, and all 271 passengers died.”

They were all in shock and overwhelmed; everyone was brought to tears. This is my Aunts passport photo. This photo is a symbol of my Aunts bravery and love for her hijab that saved my families life. We would have never started the first generation in America, if it wasn’t for her sticking up for what she believed in.

This story is an important reminder for me that everything in life is written and one should always be principled and stick to their beliefs no matter the situation you’re put in. Allah was testing her belief and if what you believe in is right, then Allah swt will never forget about you. ❤️ Stories like this make me fall in love with the hijab all over again. Her hijab saved her life and in turn my families life. It’s a reminder that your hijab is like a relationship, you have to always remind yourself of the strengths and nourish it to keep the love for it alive. If you forget its importance, then you forget yourself.

With all the islamophobia going around, I just wanted to remind people the importance of staying strong in your deen, no matter what anyone thinks or says. ?#immigrantsrock

Marwa Atik

How to Get Your Daughter to Wear Hijab in 12 Steps


Some great tips!

“1. Make du’a. As often as possible, ask Allah (SWT)  to enable you and your children to live righteous lives, including all of the requisites of Islamic dress and behavior.  Allah (SWT) says that a parent’s dua for his/her child will not go unanswered.”

Read the full article here: http://aboutislam.net/family-society/moms-dads/get-daughter-wear-hijab-12-steps/

10 Muslim women that ruled 2015


Role models for our girls…

“It has certainly been one of the most difficult decisions to elect the top 10 Muslim Women of 2015: with success not far from revolutionary, Muslim women have not failed to prove themselves successful. But I guess 2015 has been the biggest run around for Muslim women. From the depths of the West across the deserts of the Middle East, Muslim women have begun to express what it means to be a real Muslim woman, standing up for what they believe in and being the first for many to follow. It’s these women who’ve set 2016 up for us to take the lead and make a change. Let’s take a look at our top 10 Muslim women.”

Read more here: http://mvslim.com/10-muslim-women-that-ruled-2015/

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