Ramadan Giving Calendar

Check out this twist on an advent calendar – loved the emphasis on giving!

“Who is Hussain and Sufra Charities in London teamed up with Ramadan Giving Calendar to bring you all something truly special that everyone can get involved in!

Ramadan is upon us and this year there are many advert calendars on the market focusing on the countdown to Eid, in which each window you open allows you to receive something for yourself. We felt we should do something different by focussing on giving rather than receiving.

The Ramadan Giving Calendar does exactly that and we are using this Ramadan as an opportunity to give for 30 days.

Here is how you all can get involved:

Next Steps:

1. Firstly find a big box or a big bag

2. Print out the attached pictures

3. Print both sheets of the calendar and attach the one with the logo on top of the list so that the list is hidden (more fun for the kids)

4. On a daily basis either cut along the dotted line or fold back so that the next day is visible.

5. Put the required donation in the box

6. At the end of Ramadan (or just before) we will sending details of how to drop off your donations. These donations will be distributed to the guests at Who Is Hussain’s 100th food drive!

Tip: as all the goods are non-perishable so you may want to buy them in advance and have them ready in the cupboard – this initiative should not be seen as a 30 day shopping trip.”

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