Laylatul Qadr 7: 5 steps of Dua

Teaching children HOW to pray: Praying for everything can get a bit overwhelming (even for us adults), so here is a way to simplify it (and cover all the bases!). – Sandwich your dua! Begin and end with Salawat (Allah will always fulfil that dua and so Inshallah will fulfil everything in the middle!) – Start […]

Laylatul Qadr 6: Give sadqa in 3 different parts of the night

Give out sadqa at the 3 different parts of the nights of Qadr (last 10 odd nights plus the 24th night): Having read this in a summary of lecture notes by Zakira Tahera Jaffer, I asked the kids to make 3 different envelopes each (with paper and sellotape as I didn’t have any small money envelopes […]

Laylatul Qadr 5: Istighfar for Children

Here’s something that will make the ‘Istighfar’ part of the night of Laylatul Qadr come to life for children (and us!)… I tried this last night with my two and I think it really sank in (i did 10 crosses though…maybe this can be adjusted according to the age/capability of the child). Thank you again, […]

Laylatul Qadr 3: Sura Ankabut - Arts and Crafts

For Sura Ankabut, recommended to be recited in Laylatul Qadr…make handprint spiders with your little ones! More details on this website: Or how about this craft sent in by a mum? I love how her son chose to make it colourful, instead of black! Here is another craft for slightly older children perhaps? They talked about […]

Laylatul Qadr 2: Craft Ideas

For this craft, all you need is a shoebox, some stars, a moon, angels, a Quran and a Musallah – oh yea, and don’t forget the string! This is a great way to get children to create a scene and therefore make very visual the fact that angels descend on us from the heavens during […]

Laylatul Qadr 1: Make a To-Do List

Remember the Laylatul Qadr Box idea from last year? If not, here is the link: Here is another idea – a Laylatul Qadr to-do list – with templates and all! Check it out on: Will make the children have a focused plan on what to achieve during the important nights!

Guest Post: Laylatul Qadr and the Olympics

This post was written by Nazmina Dhanji at the time of the London Olympics, 2012.  As I’ve sat these last few nights leading up to the 23rd night of Ramadhan, pondering on ‘Wa maa adraaka maa Laylatul Qadr’ – ‘and what in the world will possibly make you fathom what Laylatul Qadr is?’ – this […]

Book Review: My Ramadan Dua' Book

It’s been a while since we have had a book review! Here’s one to change that 😉 When i was asked if i would like to review this one, I grabbed the opportunity as a) I love anything to do with books and b) I know so many people would love and benefit from this one! […]

Journals/Diaries/Workbooks for Ramadan

Alhamd there is so much out there now for our children to help them benefit from the month. Here is a round up – including both those for purchase, and those available as a free download: My Ramadan Diary by Seek Perfection (Children aged 4 to 6) Ramadan Diary by Seek Perfection (Children aged 7 […]

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