Muharram is here - Idea 1

Muharram is upon us…Inshallah over the next few days I will be sharing collective ideas on how we can make the next 10 days as inspiring and impactful to our children as possible. Please share your comments and ideas as they are invaluable!

Idea No 1. Let Our Homes Reflect Muharram:

Just as we decorate our houses for our celebrations, let’s commemorate through this means too. Ever since I can remember, as soon as Muharram was upon us, black cloths were draped around the house, and in particular, over the TV. Nowadays there are little black and green flags available – why not get our kids to put them up around the house in places of their choosing?

Inshallah maybe through this way, we can all be constantly reminded every day of the solemness of these days, and hopefully have our actions reflect this…

Here is a clip that highlights the importance of doing this:

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