Laylatul Qadr 9: Make them a Laylatul Qadr Kit!

Here is an idea for your older children – Make them a Laylatul Qadr kit!

I had received this last year before the 23rd night from my MM (see last year’s post: and because it was soooo lovely, I could not bring myself to throw it away, I put all the respective things away (the ones that I hadn’t eaten/used during the nights that is!) and stuck the sheet on my bulletin board instead.

I thought it might be something awesome to give to teenagers preparing for Laylatul Qadr, as they are now old enough to understand the deeper concepts behind the night, and also behind the different things that are in the kit! Some of the objects are practical as well as meaningful, others just cool to have 

So Inshallah I pray this comes in handy and that you have fun looking for a spare puzzle piece that you don’t need anymore . If you don’t have one, make one!

Here is the info on the sheet so you don’t have to type it all out again but can just copy and paste and adjust yourselves:

Paper Clip: To keep things together when they seem to be slipping out of control
Eraser: To rub out last year’s mistakes
Toothpick: To pick the good qualities in everyone
Rubber band: Be flexible. Things might not always go the way you want
Gum: Stick with it and you can accomplish anything
Pen and notebook: List your blessings everyday
Tissue: To wipe away a tear. Your own or someone elses
Lifesavers: Sometimes we all need a little help
Nuts: Be a little nutty sometimes and have a laugh
Puzzle piece: Because you are an important piece of so many lives

P.S. If you do go on to make this kit, pleeeease do share!

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