To 'break' a fast or 'deliver' a fast to God?


I came across this FB post and think it’s a very special way to think about when we end our fast. Inshallah if we start young we can inculcate this thinking into our children!

Hazel Gómez de Crain

In English, so many of us say, “It is time to break my fast.” The image I think of is someone forcing themselves to eat after following God’s command of fasting. It reminds me of the rules we need and follow as servants and believers of One God.

But in Spanish, that’s not the word I was taught to use when it’s time to eat after fasting. My grandparents taught me to say, “Ahora entrego mi ayuno.” (“It is time to deliver my fast [to God].”) The image of a servant, of a believer of One God, praying “Here is my fast, oh Lord. Please accept it from me!” It reminds me of the unseen, of begging God to accept our deeds, and praying to The One God as if we see Him.

So, today, how will you deliver your fast to the Almighty Lord of the Worlds?”

Ramadan Giving Calendar


Check out this twist on an advent calendar – loved the emphasis on giving!

“Who is Hussain and Sufra Charities in London teamed up with Ramadan Giving Calendar to bring you all something truly special that everyone can get involved in!

Ramadan is upon us and this year there are many advert calendars on the market focusing on the countdown to Eid, in which each window you open allows you to receive something for yourself. We felt we should do something different by focussing on giving rather than receiving.

The Ramadan Giving Calendar does exactly that and we are using this Ramadan as an opportunity to give for 30 days.

Here is how you all can get involved:

Next Steps:

1. Firstly find a big box or a big bag

2. Print out the attached pictures

3. Print both sheets of the calendar and attach the one with the logo on top of the list so that the list is hidden (more fun for the kids)

4. On a daily basis either cut along the dotted line or fold back so that the next day is visible.

5. Put the required donation in the box

6. At the end of Ramadan (or just before) we will sending details of how to drop off your donations. These donations will be distributed to the guests at Who Is Hussain’s 100th food drive!

Tip: as all the goods are non-perishable so you may want to buy them in advance and have them ready in the cupboard – this initiative should not be seen as a 30 day shopping trip.”

YOUR Ramadan Calendars - 2016


Check out this one by Umm Aiman! Each day is a 4 piece puzzle with 4 good deeds on it to do. Each day, they have to complete the puzzle, colour it in and hang it back on the line! There are some goodies added as an extra treat



To download the puzzles, click here:

I love this Ankabut calendar! It fills up over the month…

IMG-20160525-WA0005 IMG-20160525-WA0006


Make Iftar for your neighbours!


Saw this awesome idea on Facebook and loved it. Building bridges with those around us is something we believe in strongly (thus the neighbour cards/cards for non-Muslims) and boy has she done it in style 🙂

Feeling inspired to cook now!

P.S. here is her link to the printables:

 ***We may not always see the effect but we are having one! Check out this man’s response to someone knocking on his door!

“In light of recent events, I’ve felt the need to share a heartwarming experience I just had with anyone who is willing to pause scrolling for just a minute.

I just had a knock at the door – I wasn’t expecting anyone, so opened the door pretty sheepishly. A lady who was clearly of Muslim faith was standing outside with a carrier bag filled to the brim with containers. Confused, I asked if she was okay – she told me her name, and apologised for knocking so late in the day before explaining that she lived on my road in another flat and was walking round the houses to give people gifts; bearing in mind that I hadn’t ever seen or spoken to her before. She opened her bag and handed me a selection of beautiful smelling food, wrapped in foil with a small note titled ‘Dear Neighbour’, a jar filled with Bombay Mix, and a double-sided letter titled ‘Ramadan’ – picture attached.

She told me that she wanted to share something with everyone on our road to explain what Ramadan actually is for those of us who aren’t aware, and to give us the gift of food at a time when neither her, nor her family, we’re able to eat. The letter detailed what Ramadan is, why it is practiced by followers of Islam, and what the principles of Islam actually are. I had expected the knock at the door to be a disgruntled neighbour complaining about my parking, or god forbid, a political canvasser – *shudder* – I didn’t expect a visit from someone who simply wanted to share community spirit, generosity and most importantly, someone who wanted to actively share the knowledge of a religion which is currently at the center of recent events, and which is integral to the lives of over a 1/6th of the planets population.

Recently there’s been a lot of headlines in the news referencing Islam in relation to the terrible events which are taking place far too regularly. I’ve found it disheartening and disappointing to see quite a few comments online, and quite a few ignorant tweets from moronic individuals which have been aimed at anyone who classes themselves as a Muslim – all because a small handful of barbaric, twisted individuals feel the need to commit atrocious acts in the name of a God they incorrectly believe they’re serving.

Innocent lives have been unnecessarily lost enough times now in this country alone; not to mention the fact that the events which have happened in the UK are more of a daily occurrence for thousands upon thousands of people in less privileged countries around the world – places where the inhabitants don’t have the luxury of safety, emergency services, protection, or shelter. Some people need to be reminded that these attacks have not been carried out by true followers of Islam; these events have been carried out by Extremists who have their own fucked-up beliefs. The people affected most by these events are people within the Muslim community, who have to fight against the claims made by the so-called Islamic State on a regular basis.

Today, I’ve been lucky enough to learn a bit about a religion which I’ve never invested time to learn about. If the c***s who are carrying out these destructive acts had any brains, they’d learn to read and have a flick through the Quran themselves, because as I understand, they’re clearly reading a different book entirely if it’s telling them to go and slaughter innocent men, women and children without any reason or cause. Perhaps they’ve mistaken the Holy Scripture for Mein Kampf?

There need to be more people like my neighbour, because it’s amazing what a bit of good can do in a time when almost everything we read in the news is negative. What an amazing lady.”

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