Idea 9 - Bake some CAKES


Idea Number 9:

Bake some CAKES!

– Give them out after your presentation (if you do one)
– Give them out to the class for Eid from your child (even if you don’t do a presentation!)
– Have some at your party 🙂

Our Eid Mubarak Cake Toppers are perfect for cupcakes and only cost £1.50 for a sheet for 12. You can keep this simple or go all out with the decorating like the ones in this awesome pic!

Cake Toppers

So yesterday I hinted that maybe you should bake some cakes for your neighbours to give them with the cards? Well here’s why!Introducing our exclusive ‘Eid Mubarak’ Cake Toppers:

These cute little toppers have the bubble design we all love printed on them. The edible toppers are made of rice paper and both young and old alike will love looking, and munching away (!) at them!

Also perfect for Eid parties, to adorn your Eid table, or to go on Eid plates for friends and family…

Special launch price: £1.50 for a sheet of 12 Toppers
Product Code T101

To place an order, e-mail with the product code and quantity required. Look forward to receiving your orders 🙂


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