Floor Chair


I am really excited to unveil a very chic, contemporary, practical Swedish product exclusive to Buzz Productzz!

A unique versatile floor chair that provides excellent back support and comfort, so that you no longer need the company of a wall! The chair is ideal for listening to lectures, doing a’maals or just quietly reflecting and meditating on the floor. The chair makes a fantastic companion for those going to Ziyarat or Hajj and who would like to spend long periods of solitude time in front of the Holy Kaaba or the Holy Shrines.

Rolled up in a chic black case the chair weighs under 1kg (985g) and makes an ideal Eid, Birthday, Hajj or Ziyarat gift to both young and old.

It has had excellent reviews in the press:

The Sunday Times Newspaper – “The Swedish designer has taken the humble folding chair and turned it into something stylish, tough and, above all, comfortable…”

Time Out London – Tried and Tested – “…hey presto, instant support…trust the Swedes to deliver another brilliant idea in birch…essential spectator gear.”

Product Code: FC101
Normal RRP – £29.99
Buzz special Launch price – £25.00

Limited stock available! You know what to do! E-mail us on buzzproductzz@gmail.com to place your order or for more information 😉

Eid Giftshop


The teachers are also running a Eid gift shop for the children to buy things for their family with their pocket money, and ofcourse there was the emptying, sorting and delivering of the contents of the Eid postbox (with some little helpers)!

Eid Party


Girls Classes Eid Party today!! There was cupcake decorating (icing, sprinkles and Buzz Eid Mubarak toppers!), hair braiding, face painting, mehndi – topped off with pizza and sweeties… what a lovely evening for the girls 🙂

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