12 days come to a close

As the 12 days come to a close, I hope and pray that Inshallah our gatherings to commemorate the revolution of Imam Husayn (as) will be reflected with a revolution within us and our families. Ilahi Ameen!

As we reflect on the amazing impact of the Who Is Hussain campaign, and based on the success of the Neighbour Cardzz, we will Inshallah be rolling out our unique Islamic Christmas Cardzz to reach out to the people around us during this season – friends, colleagues, teachers, school classes, neighbours, local libraries, police stations, doctor surgeries…the list is endless!

Inshallah I will be posting the 4 designs that have made the short list tomorrow, and would love to get your feedback on them before we give the final go ahead!

Till tomorrow…

P.S. I know there are still lots of different things you all are doing out there to educate and inspire our children about Muharram and Safar, and we would still love to hear about them! Please keep sending your messages and ideas, and we can revisit the topic over Ashre Zainabiyya Inshallah.

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